Where’s the fun in looking Perfect?

For as easily as I become frustrated by rudeness, I have never been the type to put off the “please die now” vibe. Usually I keep quiet, not because I feel better-than or am trying to rise above it, but because I’m usually so caught off guard and self-conscious by the comment that was just made that I have no idea how to react other than to clam up.

You know the day you went to work in a new outfit or with a new hairstyle? You were looking all stylish, feeling on top of the world and knew that nothing could possibly ruin your happy-fun cute day… Then some co-worker or classmate says, “you look different” or “someone has a new outfit” or “…bangs, huh?”, leaving open the possibility that your new look is stupid and hideous?  Yeah, I’ve had 2 days like that this week.

Yeah, the blonde-to-brunette change was a doozy yesterday. I can’t really expect people to NOT comment on it, but today’s events just really got to me.

I’m wearing a pencil skirt and a simple white v-neck shirt, heels, & minimal jewelry. My hair is up in a bumped ponytail with a headband, and I’m rocking the red lipstick and winged eyeliner. Rocking it, I tell you.

An hour ago, I was feeling very retro and adorable until I was handed a few rude “pinup wannabe” type of comments from two separate co-workers. I immediately ran to the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror for a good five minutes looking myself up and down.

How could my shining self-image change so quickly and drastically? Feeling a 10 one minute and like a friggin’ bag lady the next? Ridiculous.

Just as I was about to wipe off my lipstick and replace it with clear gloss I stopped, thought, “WHO CARES?!”, and waltzed right back out there, adding a little extra hip swing to my walk.

So what if I have a couple hairspray speckles I didn’t smooth out? Who cares if my bangs are a little uneven and I had a smudge of eyeliner on my cheek?

I am far from perfect, but I feel darn cute today.

20 thoughts on “Where’s the fun in looking Perfect?

  1. Pfffttt…whatever, they are dumb! Honestly, I am the same way…whenever I change my hair or wear something different I actually dread having to hear someone make a comment. As long as you feel cute that’s what matters!!

  2. those people are just jealous because they KNOW that they could never be able to rock what you do :). seriously, those comments stem from their own jealousy/insecurities, although that can be hard to understand at the time the mean comments are made.

  3. Blah, your coworkers are totally lame! I’m so sorry they were such jerks to you today. Seriously, like others have said, these people were are either jealous and/or not happy with themselves. So sad actually.

    Actually I have a similar story … one day I wore a strapless dress with a white T-shirt underneath it (to make it work appropriate and to mix it up) and my coworker (and one of my good friends) looked at me and said “you look silly.” OUCH. :( meanie!!!

    Grr to meanies!! You sound like you looked SUPER cute! You work that red lipstick girl! I want to see a picture of your outfit; it sounds adorable.

  4. @Alyssa: Seriously! When I get something new for my birthday or whatever, I usually make myself wait a few days to wear it. Then I can say, “Oh this old thing?” hahah

    @caitlyn: I honestly hope they’re not jealous because both of them are DUDES. lol

  5. How mean of them…and especially for guys! Whatever they just wish they had them a hot mama like you to call their own. People seriously have no class!

    And yeah, I want to see your smokin’ outfit too! :)

  6. I’m proud of you for going back out there with your shoulders high and struttin your stuff, really! I am absolutely positive you looked hot and those guys are…well they’re guys which can a lot of (most of) the time = douches.
    Way to shrug it off, I could totally use to learn from your example, if we FEEL good who cares what anyone else thinks of us!!

  7. you go girl. (I feel so lame when I use that phrase, but it’s true :)) I know you were rockin’ whatever look you had on and I’m glad you didn’t feel you had to change it just because of someone’s stupid comments. You are FAB-U-LOUS!! No one is perfect, even the most perfect-looking person, and we all have our insecurities… but it’s important to embrace the way we are no matter what :)

  8. Annoying! You are one “hot mama” and I’m sure they were just shocked to see you looking so amazing at work. I’m mean, it’s not like they can say “wow, you look hot today” as that might come across weird in the workplace and you’re married! Therefore, they say whatever comes into their minds first which may not be quite as appropriate! You’re a beautiful woman (from the pics you’ve posted here), and I’m sure they know it!!

    I adore the fact that you wear red lipstick!

  9. I’m sorry that someone felt the need to make nasty comments and ruin your day. I feel very self conscious if comments are made about how I look too. I’m glad you handled it gracefully and added some swagger to your style!!
    Also, I really like your bangs.

  10. ugh, I hate people that are rude like that. it’s great that you just went back out and didn’t care what anyone thought! I wish I was like that

  11. People are so stupid sometimes. I’m sorry they made the comments about you, but I’m INCREDIBLY happy to read that you didn’t change anything about yourself after them!

  12. Why is it that men think saying something like that is better than them BEING QUIET? You know what would be better? BEING QUIET. Sometimes pretty girls make men awkward. Sheesh.

    You are so adorable I want to put you in my pocket and just have you with me all the time – and I love that you were rocking that look! I wear winged eyeliner all the time, and I looove red lipstick. Being perfect is over rated – feeling good and trying looks like that? That’s fun. I bet on that day you had way more fun than both of those guys who made the comments & you were probably happier. Happy is what matters <3

  13. WOW, you all are seriously the best.

    @jimaie: I absolutely love you for that, haha!

    @Talia: Thank you so much! And what? No one says “you go girl” anymore? News to me! :)

    @Anne: You’re so hilarious! And wearing red lipstick is seriously so much fun. You’d think it’d make you feel too ‘done up’, but it actually makes me feel like a grown up lady, haha.

    @Katy: Guys with a too-strong feminine side. JUST SAYING! :)

    @Kyla: Those are the kind of words that make me so sad I didn’t get to meet you in Vegas! Thank you so much! And for the record, I just adore your style and love that you pull off that type of look every day. Love it!

  14. GOOD FOR YOU! I bet you looked adoarble! Isn’t it freeing when you finally relize it doens’t matter what other people think?! It’s very nice :)

  15. I want to take your coworkers and roll them all together in a rug and beat them both with a broom. DUDE

    Well, you could always roll in wearing flannel and a scrunchie.

  16. Some people are against change in all ways possible. So you changing up your hairstyle is probably freaking them out because they are marginally floating along. You are so beautiful and have a loving family, and by the comments of all us readers, awesome bloggy friends, who all know this. Go and strut yourself and look fab doing it!

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