#42: Climb to the top of a waterfall

This weekend, Justin and I took a day trip to Shaver Lake to visit Alyssa and her man Chris at their family’s awesome cabin. We had a blast, seriously… these two are hilarious.

While out on a walk, we stumbled upon a waterfall. It’s no Niagara Falls, but there was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity to stand at the top and take a picture. Finally, I’m able to cross this one off my list!


I realize this picture makes it look a whole 2 feet tall, but I promise it wasn’t that lame. See the terrified look on my face? Yeah.

6 thoughts on “#42: Climb to the top of a waterfall

  1. Wow that picture turned out great for a cell phone pic! I am LOL’ing. All we need is Sadie jumping off the falls. PS, the waterfall was big, you were way brave!!

  2. Yeah, that photo makes it look like the waterfall was tiny, should have taken a photo of the whole thing (in all it’s 40 ft drop glory).

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