Bib Clips – A Simple DIY for Moms

If you’re like me, you forget to pack a bib in the diaper bag every freaking day of your life and want to smack yourself in the face when your kid gets orange baby food on all their cute outfits after only an hour. No, seriously… it’s an issue. I forget CONSTANTLY.

Anyway, I’ve seen these things called Bib Clips popping up around the internet for some time now, and I just think they’re the most brilliant, practical solution to my problem. You can keep one in your diaper bag so if you are in need of a bib while out at a restaurant, all you need is a paper towel or napkin and you’re good to go!

It sort of reminds me of that napkin-bib-thing they use at the dentist (highly fashionable, you know), but they’re super simple to make if you want to give them a shot.

Here’s what you’ll need:


  • 2 small binder clips (Michael’s has cute and colorful ones in the dollar bins)
  • about a 15 inches of 3/8″ ribbon (or just eyeball it to fit around the back of the baby’s neck)
  • Hot glue gun or needle and thread

Step 1:

Cut ribbon to desired length.

Step 2:

Insert one end of the ribbon through one side of the binder clip. Loop it around and use a dab of hot glue to secure it to itself.
You’ll end up with this.

Step 3:

Repeat Step 2 with the second binder clip and the other end of the ribbon. You’re almost done…

Step 4:

No no no… don’t go wake up the baby for a normal picture! Model it yourself like a huge dork. 

Have you ever made your own Bib Clips? How did they work out for you and baby? So far, so good over here!

27 thoughts on “Bib Clips – A Simple DIY for Moms

  1. that is a super cute idea, i’ll have to tell my friends with kids!

    p.s. girl, you look GOOD. seriously. hot mama! =)

  2. These are so unspeakably cute, and yes! I second you being a totally hot mama!!

    I’m going to go back through your entries to see how you’re doing as a new mom = )

  3. You do look AMAZING! I didn’t even recognize you with your new hot mama hair style.

    And what a super cute idea…you crafty thing you! :)

  4. I am impressed by your craftiness… and your ridiculously awesome body! Can we switch? I’m sooooo ready for the rest of my pregnancy weight to be gone!!

  5. what a great idea. I love it and YOU look amazing. I hope I can bounce back as quickly as you did! You look great, girl!

  6. Oh yeah, I use those all the time for my constant drooling.

    I love ze ribbon. You should totally make those for dentists.

  7. what a fantastic idea! When Rosalie gets on solid food I am so going to make some of these to have for the diaper bag. Cute cute.

    and yes, you are SO FLIPPIN’ SKINNY. You look so amazing You looked amazing even before you dropped all those pounds, but it must feel GREAT, having lost all your baby weight! Rosalie is three months old and I’ve plateaued for sure. Hello, gym membership.

  8. @see sherm blog: Girl, you look fantastic! Give it another month or so and you’ll be feeling good again!

    @alyssa: Pimp My Dental Bib? I think it could work…

  9. Well I don’t have a little one yet, but I will REMEMBER that tip! Love how you added some glam to it as well!

    And I agree with the other girls, you are looking so skinny minny!

  10. Thank you all for the wonderful feedback and compliments. You’re too good to me. :)

  11. first of all, i LOOOOVE that you modeled this yourself LOL! no seriously. i love it.
    second of all, you look AMAZING. amazing! and i’m still a big fan of that hair. you were meant to be a brunette, HAWT!!
    also? where was this tutorial when i had babies? hmm? :D you’re rockin.

  12. This is a FABULOUS idea! I’m just like you in the sense of I ALWAYS forget the bib and my 8 month old is, of course, a very messy eater! The only time I don’t forget the bib is if my mom comes over and is standing behind me telling me to pack a bib-over and over. Now I’ll never forget again!

  13. I just found your bib and love it. I’m not making one for a baby. I’m making one for my very pregnant niece who can’t eat without getting food on her belly. But then, when the baby somes – soon- she can use it for the baby. Thanks!

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