A Few ‘Bad Mom’ Confessions

  • When I pick up Maddie from day care, sometimes I forget to switch the radio/CD from my “big girl music” to something more baby friendly. The other day it happened to be Lady Gaga, and until she said “disco stick” I didn’t realize that mayyybe that wasn’t the best idea.
  • I shared a McDonald’s french fry with her and she went a little crazy over it. So I gave her another one.
  • I never neglect her when she needs something, but when she cries, I think it’s the cutest thing in the world and I usually laugh.

Am I horrible?

21 thoughts on “A Few ‘Bad Mom’ Confessions

  1. I laugh at Aaron’s cries too. And often listen to inappropriate music in the car. Maybe we should start a Bad Mommies Club together.

  2. I’m trying to get my two year old girls to switch from Flo Rida over to Lady GaGa … It is working slowly, but they still like ‘Right Round’ better than ‘Poker Face’.

  3. I sometimes laugh when Cary cries because he is CHAMPION with the lower pouty lip and it IS the cutest thing in the world. I also don’t really care if he pees everywhere when he’s naked. It’s not like it’s his dad shampooing carpets.

  4. ahahah!! Wait until you have your second, Isaiah didn’t know what a french fry was until he was over a year…. Malachi? um, yeah, he was chowin down on those suckers and mayyyybe even getting sips of Isaiah’s fruit punch Hi-C at like 7mos old. whoops. LOL

  5. Ha. I love Rowan’s face when he cries. His little lower lip gets sucked in and its soooo cute! :-) And I am NOT looking forward to the day that Kanye will need to be taken out. I’m holding on for now, telling myself that Rowan likes the bass.

  6. LOL.
    I just had this talk with my bff..lol..I was like my kids will never listen to that..lol..they will have country and christian..LOL…because can you just imagine when she is big enough in the daycare repeating those lines..oh my :)

    And the french fry.too cut..lol..I’d given her another too!

  7. I definitely sometimes laugh when Bean cries because her pouty face is so gosh darn funny and sometimes she starts crying over the silliest stuff. I can’t help it.

    One of my favorite CDs to sing along to the whole CD has several cuss words in it (it’s just Dixie Chicks) and my husband brought this to my attention a few months back when I was telling him it was one of my favorite CDs to blast in the car and sing. He was like, “You don’t say the cuss words do you? What about Bean? You need to start thinking about that stuff you know.”

  8. my parents used to take pictures of me when i had temper tantrums. all i remember was them laughing uncontrollably whenever i threw a fit and then they’d start flashing the camera and i would get sooooooooooooo mad at them.

  9. My girls (2 and 5, almost) and I have our morning dance session with a variety of music. Turns out, they like the stuff with beats and base. They love “Supermassiva Black Hole” by Muse and “Happy Working Song” from Enchanted pretty equally.

    As for the fast food, we met at culinary school and abhore the stuff. BUT! on occasion when the situation presents itself, we allow it. And that’s their treat! They enjoy it, but know that its not food they’re going to get often.

    And I, too, must admit that I’ve laughed at my kids when they pout, cry, throw tantrums. Sometimes, that’s just the way to DEAL with it all.


  10. Those are awesome confessions though =)

    My God Daughter’s Mom just doesn’t change it off the “Big Girls” station ever.

    I realized it was an issue when my 5 year old God-Daughter was dancing to “Boom Boom Boom” like a video girl.


  11. Haha, this is too funny!! I hate to think what sort of things I’ll do when I become a mum!

    I came across your blog last week and have been meaning to comment since then… things have been so hectic! What an adorable blog you have!

    Saskia x

  12. lol- pierre is just now getting into French Fries! which is great considering that he’s french and in France :) lol –

    but its so easy because as they get older ( you’ll see) they get so picky with food. I’d say what some people call being a bad mom is also what some people would call a smart mom –

    id rather have him eat fries than nothing at all. :)

  13. My 14 month old loves rap music. I know it is not the best thing for him to listen to, but it keeps him happy in the car. I am sure he will soon be saying “disco stick” to his church playmates. woops.

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