Gum Wrapper Chains & A Story


Did any of you ever make these gum wrapper chains when you were younger? I guess you’re supposed to make them as long as you think your future husband will be tall, or something silly and ridic like that…

When I was about 8 years old, my mom taught me how to do the old rip-in-half-fold-twice-long-ways-then-fold-ends-to-center thing, most likely to keep me busy and quiet during a church service or something, and I’ve been addicted ever since.

(If you’re wondering,  yes,  I am easily amused.)

Well, in jr. high (okayyyy… it was high school. I know.) I had an unhealthy obsession with collecting Starburst wrappers, and I eventually succeeded in making a chain that was 6 feet, 4 inches long. That seemed like an acceptable height for my future husband, right? So I stopped.

I stashed the obnoxiously long, multicolored chain in the old shoe box with the stack of letters I had written to, again, my future husband (easily amused and cheesy… a lethal combination) and under my bed it stayed.

Fast forward to 2006.  After Justin and I returned from our honeymoon, I remembered the box full of cheesy love letters written by a silly, romantic teenage me. We opened the box, prepared to read and laugh at the stupidness of it all, then I saw it. In all it’s colorful glory, the looooong Starburst wrapper chain. All 6 feet, 4 inches of it.

Which, funny enough, happened to be the exact height of my new husband.

I think 15 year old Morgan wins.

24 thoughts on “Gum Wrapper Chains & A Story

  1. how cool is that?! starburst wrappers as fortune tellers. :) love it. also, i think i’m the only one in the world that never learned how to make these nifty little chains.

  2. That’s so cute! I had friends who had the same obsession in middle school.

    and I’m easily amused that it’s the same height as your husband!

  3. That’s so cool!! Some of my teenage stuff is packed away, deep in the roof in my parents house, but a lot has been thrown out I think… probably for the best, knowing the sort of thing I’d have written!!

    Saskia x

  4. I love this story. So romantic. Hmm, I’d probably would of given up around 5’9″ because I’m lazy. Good thing too, because my hubby is 5’9″ :)

  5. Oh, my gosh! Cutest story ever!

    My mom recently sent me a colored-pencil drawing I did of my future husband when I was about nine years old. We both couldn’t stop laughing because we were all, “Um, yeah. Dead ringer for Jay. IS THAT CREEPY OR WHAT?”

    I love things like that.

  6. How funny! I never heard of the wrapper chain, but it sounds fun. Kinda reminds me of M.A.S.H. (am I the only one that remembers M.A.S.H.? lol)

  7. Awww! I love hearing stories like this… Totally warms my heart to see how some things are just meant to be. :)

    Before this I hadn’t heard of a gum wrapper chain, but Lauren mentioned M.A.S.H… and I totally remember playing M.A.S.H! Ahh, memories.

    When I was sixteen I started writing letters to my future husband, which I still have locked away in an old jewelry box. I meant to keep writing until I got married, but over the years I’ve forgotten or found it increasingly hard to remain impartial about his identity when I have someone I like in mind.

    I may just have to try the gun wrapper chain. Never too late to start. :D

  8. That is too perfect!!! I love it!! :) You are so adorable I want to squeeze you.

    ps. I filled an ENTIRE journal with letters to my future husband. Now who’s cheesy??? ;)

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