Anthropologie “Bonheur” Necklace Remake

My dear friend Anna brought this adorable necklace to my attention the other morning.


She was right in suggesting we make one for ourselves instead of spending the $58 at Anthropologie.

I had all the pearls, organza and other supplies already, so this pretty little thing ended up costing me absolutely nothing! I am so thrilled with the end product…


40 thoughts on “Anthropologie “Bonheur” Necklace Remake

  1. @Talia: Thank you so much, my dear!

    @Molly: I was thinking about it, but now that I told everyone how little it cost, I’m wondering how much they’ll pay for it, haha.

  2. AAaaaahhh! That is sooo awesome! Beautiful job! There is this great group on this knitting community website I belong to which is all about recreating Anthropologie sweaters or finding patterns that are Anthropoligie esque. I love it, but admittedly have not attempted any of them yet.

  3. Although it may cost you little to buy the supplies, you could totally get away with selling it above that imho because it looks complicated and gorgeous!

  4. I actually think yours is much prettier, I like the sizing of your pearls better, a nicer compliment to the size of the flowers.
    Good Job!
    Surviving Breast Cancer

  5. @Lisa: Oh I bet you could recreate any of those and it would look just like the real thing. You have a knack!

    @Becca: It did kind of take a while… maybe I’ll just do it and see what happens! :)

    @Anna: Of course, my dear! This one is yours!

    @Denise: Thank you very much!

  6. Dude, you win at life. Anthropolgie = fail. I always see their stuff and think “hey i can make that for not 100 bucks!”, then I don’t and I fail at life.

  7. Oh my word, that is a beautiful necklace! Your recreation is spot on! I am totally impressed. I think you could sell it, for sure.

  8. Awesome. I would buy it if you post it in your shop!! It’s fantastic (and I’d love one in black or a shell pink too)

  9. SHUT UP! Okay, you need to put these in your etsy shop STAT. It is gorgeous beyond anything – ever. You are my thrifty/creative idol! Seriously!

  10. O.M.G.
    You put on Etsy for $18?
    Girl, you had Better be making something on that.

    Surviving Breast Cancer…
    ~wishing she had $18 to spend for fun stuff and someplace to go other than Dr visits…~

  11. @denise: Hahaha! Okay… I moved it up to $20! I feel weird making it any more than that!

  12. Wow, great job re-creating that! It’ll be a fabulous addition to your shop!

    I agree with Denise, it’s worth at LEAST $20!

  13. I’d also suggest, if you have the materials and feel like doing, trying different color combos – for variety. Something springy, summery or fallish… I’m also thinking pinks, purples, blues, greens…? Even silvers and greys…? Just not so much “one color” as theirs is. Heck, I’m sure YOU could take the idea and run with it.

    Surviving Breast Cancer

  14. @denise: Thanks! I am loving that idea… I actually do have the materials to make different colored flowers. Hmm…

  15. Yay! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!! I don’t remember how I came across your Blog, but I really do enjoy reading and seeing your creations… so Happy to have inputted!! :-D
    Surviving Breast Cancer

  16. omg isn’t that the best ever!??!?! I seriously LOVE being able to create something without having to even leave the house. It’s faulous. just FABULOUS!

  17. My goodness – I swear you too much talent on two legs! PS just added you to my blogroll cause i should have a long time ago when we did the interview and you know you’re kinda cool …lol…:) :)

    cheers honey!

  18. I bought that necklace at anthropologie to wear for my wedding in November. I seriously like yours WAY better! Has much more class! If you ever want to have a craft day…!

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