The one where I get a little more honest than usual


I’ve been left some of the sweetest comments lately. Things like, I don’t know how you do it all! or You’re so skinny! and Where do you find the time? You guys are so good to me.

Well, would you like to know the answer? The one thing that will make the weight fall off without you even stepping foot in the gym? The reward you get for trying to ‘do it all’ with a smile on your face? Let me let you in on a little secret of mine.

It’s called stress.

I haven’t written a post in a week, and it’s not because I’m out of ideas.  I think everything has just finally caught up to me. The pressures of work and life and money and everything in between is definitely taking it’s toll. And the way I deal with it is by completely shutting down.

Right now, Justin is attending a work-related seminar while Madeline and I are home. I just put her to bed, sat down on the couch and enjoyed a very rare few minutes of silence.  In those moments I was finally able to sit still and try to sort through all the madness.

You know what I realized? I am not superwoman, but as much as I want to follow that up with the cliché and that’s okay!, I just can’t.

Imperfection has never been an easy thing for me to accept, especially when it comes to my family and home. I want so badly to be able to do it all. To have a successful-enough side business to be able to quit my job and work at home with Madeline. To have just one free evening to go grocery shopping (which, by the way, I haven’t done in over a month). To actually COOK a real meal for my husband instead of picking up whatever is on the way home. To be able to say no sometimes and not feel guilty about it.

As sweet as you guys can be, you’re really not seeing the real picture here. You are my inspiration. I really don’t know how you do it!  To the ones who wake up early to exercise, write a post every day, keep the laundry caught up and cook dinner every single night… you win. Bonus points for you gals that still nurse your babies because, HOLY HELL I would be dying right now if I was still trying to fit that in on top of everything else.

Right now, I am so far from having it all together, it’s not even funny. Just wanted to be honest about that.

22 thoughts on “The one where I get a little more honest than usual

  1. Girl…I love you. And really…when you let the ideals go and just live, laugh ALOT and kiss that baby and hubbs. Nothing else matters. The side business WILL come, when we are ready and when God makes it all happen. xoxo

  2. thanks for being honest and real… I think you’re going to find that the responses and encouragement you receive from this post are going to be just what you need right now. I certainly hope that’s the case, anyway :)

    I honestly don’t think anyone thinks they have it all together. After the post I recently wrote about Annabelle, I felt so guilty. Because I got all these incredibly sweet comments about what a great mom I am, and all I could think was “but I”m not! I yelled at her today when I just couldn’t stand it!” Or after I wrote the one about decorating, when I received so many lovely comments on how perfect my home is… and all I could think of was how my bathrooms hadn’t been cleaned in two weeks and the dust was piling up and I just felt like such a fraud. It’s easy to portray things as rosy in writing, when in fast the nitty-gritty everyday is a completely different matter.
    Ok, so now I’m being a little too honest :) But what I’m trying to say is that while you may not be superwoman, you are still incredible… so all those comments are deserved. Because you are sincerely trying, and your heart wants all the right things, even if it’s not all happening right now. That’s what matters. We’re human, and we fall short, and sometimes it’s all too much. But it always works out in the end. You may not feel it, but you’re doing an amazing job, Morgan!! God is going to bless your hard work and perseverance. And in the meanwhile, we’ll all be here to cheer you on however we can! :)

  3. That was a very sweet post. I love your honesty. And Amen to all those gals who cook. I am sadly lacking in that department. And like Talia, my bathroom needs cleaning desperately. It looks like a gas station bathroom. Ew.

  4. Honey, take a DEEP breath. Let it out. And let a ball drop. I mean it. I am not superwoman or supermom for that matter, but I couldn’t juggle it all and it was wearing me thin and I was taking it out on my children and husband and that is NO way to be. Let the house get a little messy. My husband always picks up supper right now, unless I feel I can actually make it without pulling my hair out. It’s okay! You are still an inspiration and a great mom and wife and that is what is important! :)

  5. Aw, Mrs. Priss – first of all, thank you for your honesty. You are so sweet. I don’t think that the balancing act is supposed to be easy, but you guys will get through it. And sometimes the way you get through it is by embracing that things won’t always go as planned – and that’s okay. You have years to cook and get into a routine that works for you guys with minimal stress.

    You’re so devoted, and so in earnest – this will all come together in time, and for now, know that we don’t want a perfect Mrs. Priss. We just want to hear about your life and how you’re doing.

  6. You just summed up completely how I feel lately. The other day I had about a zillion chores that I needed to do but the baby wouldn’t let me put her down. Meanwhile, bathrooms, dinner, and dusting went undone. My kitchen floor was sticky for some reason and everytime I walked on it things would attatch themselves to the bottom of my feet. The big kids were running around like crazy people in their underwear and had probably watched 3 hours of “babysitting movies” that day, and Juliet’s hair hadn’t been brushed in 2 or 3 DAYS. I just about cried and lost it and all that. I think we had Wendy’s for dinner… or something else equally bad. Sometimes I think the only thing I DO accomplish in my day is working out…. and that’s only because it’s an hour or two of uninterrupted ME time. HAHA. I think this is pretty normal. It’s just the season of life right now. =)

  7. I think every women has the idea in her head that motherhood and the whole “June Cleaver” thing is easy and they should be able to do it. Well, I have found out…it is HARD! And, alot of moms feel the same way. I am just getting to the point where I don’t let the messy house get to me, I do laundry when I can, and I just cherish the time with my little guy. He is growing up so fast! I can say that now that he is walking around, (although he makes bigger messes) it is much easier to get stuff done. Hang in there. You will get in a groove. Make sure you schedule some time alone to regroup!

  8. life is a juggle. for me, it’s ups and downs. the only piece of advice i can offer is stop trying to do everything that you did before you had a baby. life is changing for a reason. :)

  9. Thanks for posting this! You’re right, we’re not superwomen…and just b/c everything may appear great on the outside, people have no idea what goes on behind the scenes! I’m glad to hear that someone else is going through the same stuff as I am!

  10. Girl, Everyone has moments of insecurity, that’s life. I’m Sure that you are doing the Best you can for your family and for yourself – Don’t Forget About Yourself! Just remember that You Are Not Alone!

    I’ve alway “envied” thoses who can’t eat/loose weight when stressed. When I’m stressed, I EAT.
    And I Have.Put.On.The.Pounds

    The ONE thing about cancer/chemo that I “grabbed” on to was: Hey, I’ll loose this weight!
    Nope. Hasn’t Happened. :-|

    Surviving breast cancer…

  11. …but at least you’re not fat and stressed… :) Okayyyy just kidding. I can’t even keep up with cleaning my house and working, let alone having a child. I guess that’s how I know I’m not ready! And also, I think people already said this, but you don’t need to do everything. Sometimes we don’t realize that taking help, like having someone else do your shopping, pick up your house…is just as superwoman-ish, if not more. I wish I lived closer to help you out, friend <3

  12. Would me telling you all the things I need to do around the house help or just add to your stress?? Haha. I’m guessing it wouldn’t, but I’ll echo the sentiments from everyone above. I don’t have my house together (let’s just say you don’t want to use our toilet), work has me stresssssed out, all this and the only things I have to take care of are covered in fur and go to the bathroom outside! (speaking of, I’ve been needing to give Mae a bath for about two weeks now).

    I try not to stress out about it all. That would be when I just take deep breaths and try to focus on the positive. While it’s hard to feel the stress, the fact that you care and you want to do it all means a lot. It’s managing that balance, where you understand that you desire to get it all done but you make the determination between which of those things are most important to you.

  13. You’re doing a great job honey. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself…and don’t let anyone else put pressure on you either. Morgan, Justin & Maddie are priority. Not a home cooked meal or a clean toilet!! There will be lots of time for that when Maddie’s grown. Focus the important things…like you’re doing! :) XOXO

  14. I honestly don’t know if there is a mom out there that really feels like she has it together. And if there is… more power to her. I know Rowan is just 9 weeks old, but I feel like my life is still in shambles. Things are chaotic. I don’t cook dinner anymore. I don’t go to the grocery store (Rowan wont allow it with out screaming down every aisle). Cleaning is a distant memory… and I still have 20+ pounds to lose. Oh, and I’m lucky if I get a shower in before evening… but on most days I don’t shower until Kyle gets home from work. Its a struggle… and a definite balancing act that is next to impossible to master. My daily goals right now: shower, eat breakfast and lunch, return emails (work related). Other than that… its a celebration if I get more done.

    And I totally get you on the whole STRESS thing. I’ve got two MASSIVE cold sores on my mouth right now… all from stress. Awesome. If only I lost weight when I was stressed… instead of gaining massive lesions on my face. Ha!

  15. Honestly I would love to see someone that does have everything together. We are all doing the best we can and while we may think that it is not enough-but in reality as long as we feel we are giving our all, well that’s pretty damn impressive.

  16. Ok.

    This is where I finally confess to the completely harmless cyber-stalkage.

    When I was expecting months and months ago I googled some number of weeks that I was at pregnancy wise and somehow came across your page and was completely hooked.

    Here I am, with a 6 and a half month old little boy looking at your site for inspiration!!!

    Shoot, I am still nursing, but wonder every day how you keep it all together! and still look darling to boot! I feel like I’m barely hanging on!

    Thanks for always having cute stories, darling hair and most of all, being so down to Earth!!

  17. Good for you for being honest. I don’t know why we women expect ourselves to be able to do it all, when we’re already responsible for a ridiculous workload. I hope you find an outlet for your stress and feel more at peace with things soon. In the meantime give yourself credit for the many ways you kick ass as a daughter, employee, wife, mother, and friend!

  18. “…but at least you’re not fat and stressed…”

    No, that would be me.
    And in the “grand scheme” fat is not That bad, I’d take it over what I’m fighting Any Day.

    Surviving breast cancer…

  19. I meant to comment on this a million years ago … I just wanted to tell you that I’m SO proud of you! Proud of you for being a wonderful wife and mama, while working AND creating cute goodies for your shop … being a friend, blogging and looking seriously amazing. I envy your hair and makeup woman! If that’s not being a superwoman, I don’t know what is! I think the “real picture” as you call it is just great because real life is way more interesting than “perfect.” And I think being “un-perfect” is just perfect. If that makes any sense. Anyway, I love you! Keep on keeping on, Morgan. You’ve got a bunch of Mrs. Priss fans cheering you on!

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