A Recipe for Disaster

My birth control needs to stay refrigerated, so I like to keep it in the little butter compartment in the refrigerator door.  This, oddly enough is also where we keep an impressive collection of leftover hot sauce packets as well as Madeline’s teething rings.

Should I rethink this setup?

Do us both a favor by not searching ‘birth control methods that require refrigeration’. You don’t need the unnecessary mental picture, so just trust me that it’s legit.

8 thoughts on “A Recipe for Disaster

  1. well I already told you this over IM, but we, my friend, are indeed the same exact person. Except swap the teething rings for chopped pecans (that are probably past their prime and need to be thrown away).


  2. I was surprised to find that you are the second entry when googling “birth control methods that require refrigeration” hahaha. Couldn’t help myself!

  3. haha I think that telling people not to search it, is really asking us to search it. BTW you are #2 on that search! haha :)

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