Some Awesome Things

Have you checked out 1000 Awesome Things yet?  It’s quickly making it’s way up my list of favorite daily reads. The premise is simple — each post is dedicated to an every day occurrence/object/scenario that is … well, awesome!  Some of the things are just SO true, they crack me up.

A few of my favorites include, #990 Picking up a q and a u at the same time in Scrabble, #925 Watching ‘The Price Is Right’ when you’re at home sick, #886 High fiving babies, #876 Taking your bra off after wearing it for hours, & #839 Really good candy with your bill at a restaurant (it even has an Olive Garden Andes mints reference).

I just love the whole idea of appreciating the small things, so I came up with a little list of my own Awesome Things that are based on actual, recent experiences in my life.

  • Freaking out over feeling a bug crawling on your arm, then going to swat at it and realizing it was just a piece of your hair.
  • Waking up with a giant pimple on your forehead that you can — HALLELUJAH! — effortlessly cover up with your new bangs.
  • Still being able to remember and perform the entire cheesy song/dance/cheer scene from that one chick flick that you watched about 300 times back in the day (She’s All That, Bring It On, Parent Trap, anyone?)
  • Slipping on a pair of wrinkled pants that are so tight, the need for an iron is automatically eliminated.
  • Being able to cover scuff marks on a pair of black heels with that old bottle of black nail polish your friends made fun of you for buying a few years back.
  • Successfully peeling off an entire fingernail’s worth of polish in one big, clean swipe.
  • Grabbing a tissue/handkerchief just in time to catch a sneeze.
  • Catching only the last few notes of your favorite song on the radio, then switching to another station and hearing it START.
  • When someone surprises you at work with your favorite coffee drink (per recent convo with Alyssa).

Have any to add?

11 thoughts on “Some Awesome Things

  1. Ha, love this!
    One of my faves is turning on the radio and catching a fav song right at the beginning! Brings me back to the days when taping a song off the radio was the only way to have a recording of it without paying, er downloading. It’s the little things, right?

  2. I couldn’t agree more, Peeling anything off in one motion is so rewarding. Like that sticky glue on the back of gift cards. Another thing that randomly is the best (kind of gross) using a q-tip in your ears after a shower. Amazing. LOL.

  3. I love it!

    Lets see…waking up thinking you had a good nights sleep only to realize its midnight and you get a few more hours! Yes!

    When you go to Starbucks and they make your drink just like you like it.

    Making all green lights when you are running late…

    Cuddle time with your babies when you least expect it.

    A good cry with an old friend

    Finding money in an old purse

    Getting the uncontrolable giggles (it happens to me quite a bit)

    Finally getting skinny compliments…the ass kicking is paying off!

    Getting baby fever….and getting excited to be pregnant again.

    Being thankful…vs bitter

    When my cup overfloweth…from moments with Jenna B.

    I think I just got carried away…

  4. oh wow…love the
    I totally can still do the Parent Trap hand shake..oh, wait..did I just admit

    HEHE…I knew you were right :)

    Baby Girl….YAY!

    Oh..and I wanted to ask you, where does one find interchangable headbands?…I can make hairbows..but I need some bands!

  5. The last one wins them all, imo.

    An 80-degree day in the middle of a 100+ degree summer.

    Being told you can leave work early on a Friday, for no reason (um, can this please happen?).

  6. Getting so used to the weather here that the ocean no longer feels like ice water.

    Actually finishing a craft project this year.

  7. *Waking up in a panic because you’re sure that you shut off the alarm clock and will be late to work, then discovering that it’s Saturday.
    *Green lights all the way to work.

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