27 thoughts on “Madeline – 8 Months

  1. So cute! Those milestones are so exciting. Cooper is 15 months and wearing 24 mo clothes and a 2T-4T hat! He is a massive child. :)

    I love your bangs!

  2. Thank you guys!

    @Alyssa: Just say when! Or you guys can come down… whatever!

    @La Petite Chic: You’re next! :)

  3. I’m sorry… WHEN did she become 8 months old??? I feel like I it was just a couple months ago that I was reading your tweets about being in labor! She’s so freaking adorable!!!

    P.S. Its official… I’m getting bangs. After seeing your picture, I think its just the change my hair needs.

  4. you two are THE CUTEST mother daughter duo everrrrrrrr!!! I love it!
    I cannot believe she’s already 8 mos, I seriously want to meet up with you girlies! Starting the 24th I won’t be working Saturday’s anymore, we HAVE to have to do lunch!!

  5. i am happy i found your blog today! i have a new blog to follow! great blog! please stop on by mine and follow me! and your daughter is adorable!!!!!

  6. @See Sherm Blog: SERIOUSLY. They grow so freaking fast! I was looking at pictures of Rowan today and I couldn’t believe how big he’s getting!

    @jimaiemarie: Name the day and I’m there, lady! It’s about time, good Lord… we live 10 minutes away from each other, haha!

    @Caitlin: You shut your mouth, woman. lol

    @anh: Thanks for stopping by! Checking out yours riiiiiiight now…. :)

  7. She’s very cute….and I have to say, I had to go clothes shopping for Levi a few days ago, and all the clothes say he should be in 12 months, yet he only turns 8 months old this weekend. Where did my little 5lb baby go?

  8. I can’t believe how big she is getting! It seems like just yesterday we were reading your pregnancy posts!

    She’s gorgeous :)

  9. Awww! bless, she’s such a sweetie – I love how you always make sure she has a huge flower on her head for pictures! All your craft posts have finally inspired me to start a blog although I think I may hold off on the baby for a while :-)

  10. Um hello cuteness! Love this photo! You should totally frame it! Lil Maddie’s dress is too adorable! And her headband too, of course! Andddd your tank too! :)

  11. Hi- I came across your blog randomly- We do not know each other. I just read through it from start to finish and it made me laugh out loud and it was very reassuring. I am 15 weeks pregnant, and reading through each of your progressions made me laugh and feel better about being pregnant. Thanks for posting this!

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