30 thoughts on “How Madeline Would Look with Hair

  1. Oh deeear. That was extremely disturbing. :( … Kind of like those child pageant girls gone wrong. Highlights on little kids = bad, bad, bad! Although, I have to say – if I had to pick one that looked the most non-terrifying, I would have to go with the fourth.

  2. I am going to have to say the 4th one down, and 3rd from the bottom are my favorites, lol, I’ve never thought to try this on a baby! Hilarious!

  3. At first when I saw this I thought it was how Madeline would look with a Kate Gosselin reverse mullet, lol, but then I noticed the other styles as well.

    Lookin’ good Maddie!

  4. okay I think the scariest one is the Jessica Simpson hair! Just because it’s so strange seeing such long hair on a baby..

    hmm baby hair extensions? creepy?

  5. I just wanted to say, that i love love love you blog. :) I’ve been reading it for over the past year and i must say, its has saveeed from some pretty boring times in class. your daughter is so cuteee.

  6. Oh gosh she’s so cute! And I must say, you look pretty cute too in that first picture! I love that, even with the stresses of having a young child, you look great. Keep it up!

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