Anthropologie Floral Necklace DIY

Alright, so I just spent the last 2 hours making this thing. It was quite a bit more work than the last one I did, but I actually love it so much more!

The Inspiration:


Anthropologie Ranuncula Necklace – $42.00




  • Old HIDEOUS shirt I found at Goodwill, used for flowers
  • Two gold bracelets (Target) to be used for the chain
  • Misc. beads, chains, and other findings from old broken necklaces, used for flower centers
  • A thick piece of ribbon for the flower base
  • Two eyelets (found at your craft store) for attaching the chains to your base
  • A lobster clasp and jump ring — I used these from a broken necklace.
  • Needle and thread
  • Patience. A freaking lot of it.



1. Begin cutting the fabric, making circles of various sizes. I used about 10-12 circles for each flower, the largest being roughly 3 inches in diameter, but feel free to make them smaller, larger, or use different amounts. And for heaven’s sake, don’t torture yourself and worry about them being perfect! They’ll be a little frayed and uneven, and that’s just fine.


2. Stack 10-12 of the fabric circles, starting with the largest at the bottom and gradually becoming smaller as you go. Repeat until you have 4 nice little piles.


3. Run your needle and thread through from the back, then go back down through the front. Make a few of these stitches until you feel it’s secure.


4. While holding the fabric from the back side, pinch the whole thing in half and make a few stitches through the fold, close to the center of the flower. Do this a few more times until you get the whole puckered, petal look going on.  (How do you like my very technical instructions? I’m so not a pro at this, haha.)


“The whole puckered, petal look”


5. Now for the fun part… decorating those flowers!  String the beads on your thread and run your needle back and forth through the center until you get the look you want.  You can use beads of any shape, size and color for this. Go crazy… no one will judge you. :)

The next step is to make the base for the flowers.


6. Take a strip of the thick ribbon and two eyelets. Cut a tiny hole at the edge of the ribbon and attach an eyelet.  This will be where your chained bracelets attach to the base.

Note: Eyelets are available at your local craft store and are surprisingly easy to use.  They come with directions too, so don’t be intimidated!


7. Now, run a few stitches through the backs of each flower to secure them to the ribbon. There’s no rhyme or reason to this and doesn’t have to look pretty, just be sure each flower is stitched on there nice and tight.

Now that you know how wide your flowers are when they’re all lined up, you can trim the unfinished end of the ribbon (the one without the eyelet). Repeat Step 6 and secure the remaining eyelet to the ribbon. When you’re finished, go ahead and clasp the other chained bracelet through the eyelet hole.



8. Take the jump ring, bend it open and hook it through the lobster clasp.

clasp39.  Now hook the jump ring through the end of one of the chained bracelets and close it.


And Voila! Clasp the chain behind your pretty little neck and go on your merry way!

37 thoughts on “Anthropologie Floral Necklace DIY

  1. And where is the picture of you wearing the necklace? We must see that as well. And I knew I would be the first to comment since Levi is up sick tonight.

  2. Wow, great job re-creating that! You did an awesome job. I agree with Jennifer, it’d be great to see what it looks like on a person too!

  3. OMG! its to die for! I LOVE THIS! I am going to have to attempt to make this now. You did a great job! You def should sell this on etsy! Thanks for this awesome DIY post.

  4. You lost me at:
    “Patience. A freaking lot of it.”
    wth is this patience thing you speak of?? ;)
    this looks amazing! I love it. I love that you used bracelets for the necklace part, genius!!!
    Two other things I loved about this post? The word “puckered” and the fact that you were watching Tool Academy.
    Hmm, Maybe we SHOULD have gone to those auditions for the WT housewives of Fresno. LOL! ;)

  5. AWESOME! When are we open up our accessories shop? :) I love that shirt, it’s hawt.

    PS yours looks better than theirs. (thatswhatshesaid).

  6. i love it! Where in the world do you find the time?!let me know where you find it so I can llok there I could use it!

  7. So, so pretty!! I love that you thought to do this. What a GREAT idea. crafty lady.
    I bet it looks so beautiful on! You should take a picture of that, so we can see what it looks like when worn :)

  8. Love it, Love it. LOVE. IT. I have sourced an Ugly shirt (much MUCH uglier than your find I’m afraid to say…) but I’m itching to give it a go, would you mind if I posted my efforts on my own blog? Feel free to say no but it’s still in it’s fledgling stages so hardly any readers but of course I would fully cite you. You are already on my (rather short) links list xx

  9. p.s. I just looked at your previous DIY Anthro necklace and double checked if I had left a comment. I had and look what it said:

    “Um. You are a freakin genius. I am in love with this necklace! Go Morgie! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! So beautiful!”

    How the heck did I almost 100 percent copy my previous comment?

    Apparently I am not a genius because I am repeating myself. haha
    comment FAIL!

    OR — you are just SUCH a freakin genius that I am at a loss for words. And I felt the need to tell you again that you are a freakin genius. This time more so, because you are a “freakin CRAFTY genius.”


  10. Okay, so, this is WAY belated, but let the record show that YOU ARE MY CRAFTING IDOL. Seriously, Morgan. Who ARE you and where do you come from? You need your own freaking TV show. Work on that. Let me know.

    Also, when are you going to sell some of these on your etsy? That is a front-page item just waiting to happen.

    And you would make millions.

  11. I adore this!!! Thanks so much for posting this tutorial! Inspirational. It made my day! Merci double beaucoup!!!

  12. You did an amazing job! Your necklace looks better than Anthro’s. I love their stuff but it’s so outrageously priced. I’m always fishing around for new ideas and ways to create. You just gave me an idea! Thanks!

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