Who Dresses your Man?

My husband refuses to buy clothes for himself.  Honestly, the last time I can remember him actually standing in a clothing store, picking out something for himself to wear was back in 2005.  His birthday is coming up and you know what he said he wanted? Best Buy gift cards.

Oh suuuure, walk around looking like a hobo all day, but hey! At least you have that new Xbox game you’ve been obsessing over for the past 3 months.  (Anyone else want to smack the person who thought up Call of Duty? If I hear ENEMY UAV IS ONLINE! one more time…)

Lucky for Justin, I like to shop.  I do it often and I do it well. I’m also the person everyone consults when they need help picking out his birthday presents. Something tells me Best Buy will not be in the picture this year. Bahahaha.

I’ve always wondered if it would be better or worse to have a husband who liked to shop. Do any of you girlfriends and wives have this issue with your men? Do men who LIKE to shop for clothes even exist??

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  1. My husband LOVES to shop, and makes me hate to shop when I’m with him. The first time we went to London together, I could barely drag him away from the Portobello Road market, where he was spending much money we didn’t have on vintage bespoke suits. I do enjoy clothes and getting gussied up, but he’s fancier than I’ll ever be; and somehow his exuberance for clothes-hounding makes me enjoy it less. (I always have to go the other day, of course.) He also has an opinion (a certain expression, rather) regarding everything I buy. So, I’m not sure if one type of guy is better than the other. Hopefully gals end up with a man somewhere in the middle—that, or never marry an ex-Mod.

  2. I feel your pain. My husband also pretty much hates shopping. What he doesn’t realize is that if he’d go with me once in a while, we wouldn’t have to have marathon (and costly) shopping trips once each year, because he would never be in dire need of everything from shirts to underwear.

  3. Husband HATES to shop. For anything no-electronic or with a motor. He’s happy just wearing the same jeans and t-shirts he’s had since college. So he has relied on me and his mom for all of his clothes. Then he complains that I’m playing the Husband makeover game (heck yeah I am and I’ve been doing so for 11 years) and he doesn’t like what I’ve picked out for him. I say that he can just get over it. I will get him into some nice, non-wide leg jeans eventually. He’s even recently admitted that a modern fit dress shirt looks nice! Its the small victories in life…

  4. My husband goes back and forth on this one. He doesn’t really mind getting a gift card to say, Banana Republic or American Eagle, and picking out something for himself. He’s also very particular about how certain things do and don’t go together even if I totally disagree. However, he definitely won’t spend his monthly personal budget money on clothes. It pretty much all goes to eating ridiculous amounts of fast food, bleh. Me, on the other hand? I constantly go over my personal budget each month because I actually spend it on stuff like clothes or stuff I want/need and then he suggests eating out on top of that after all my money is gone three days into the month. Sigh.

  5. TJ doesn’t LOVE shopping by any means but he would buy his own clothes if left up to it…and has before.
    he has HORRIBLE taste…oh morgan, if I could show you the gems he’s brought home. dear lord.
    So yes, I shop for him. He’s rather boring, likes things very simple so we just do jeans and a lot of colored polo’s and ringer T’s…his entire wardrobe pretty much comes from Target and Old Navy…oh wait! So do my kids! LOL oh man.
    Maybe I’M the one who needs an intervention??

  6. i don’t have a boyfriend (or a hubby) BUT my dad lovessssssss to shop. i even remember being a little girl and my dad coming home with outfits from us that he saw in a window and thought would look good on us. sometimes his taste is questionable, and when we are actually shopping he likes to get in and out quickly, but he does enjoy buying clothes and fashion. men who like shopping exist!

  7. OK. I married one of those guys that likes to shop. He is more concerned with his “personal style” than I am. My clothes almost all come from Target, and he refuses to shop there. I guess that’s what happens when your college job is working at Nordstroms. He won’t wear cheap clothes. Lame… and annoying.

  8. Chis doesn’t mind shopping for new stuff every once in a while. But let’s just say he’s not shopping at nordys or banana republic. I wouldn’t let him be d baggy lol!

  9. Okay before we were married Justin loved to shop for clothes. I mean he would be at AE, Express and where ever to buy clothes. I think he had almost 15 pairs of jeans alone. But now, he just won’t buy anything unless I really force him to go out and get a new shirt. And even then it’s just a t-shirt from AE. Sometimes I even have to go buy the clothes for him, and then he acts like he doesn’t like them or want them when he really really does like them, cause he just didn’t want me to spend the money.

  10. My hubby loves shopping. He has more clothes than me! And he’s in the military so he has to wear ABU’s to work, so it’s not like he needs all these clothes for his job. It was really upsetting when I was pregnant with my daughter and I had my non-preggo clothes AND my maternity clothes all hanging in the closet, and he still had more clothes than I did!

  11. Um… yeah. I so relate to this post. You do not even know. My husband’s wardrobe is the bane of my exsistance. And really… I am not good like you are. Because when I have money to spend on clothes, I’m not going to waste it on someone who would rather wear the oldest t-shirt he owns because it’s “comfortable” than the cool trendy stuff I buy for him. But then, I also know girls whose husbands beat them to the punch with the clothing money. I wouldn’t like that either. So I just let him wear his jeans and t-shirts and I buy him the random thing here and there… and I shop for people who appreciate my mad shopping skills. Like myself. Hehehehe!!

  12. My boyfriend doesn’t LOVE the shopping portion, but he absolutely loves new clothes and dressing nicely. In fact, when getting ready to go out, his “routine” takes longer than mine. Everything is perfectly pressed, tucked in, accessories match, and it’s all nice quality stuff.

    So, men like that do exist, but it’s weird to be the girl and to have your boyfriend care more about matching his belt and his shoes than you do.

  13. My bf actually really enjoys shopping – but he didn’t used to. For a long time I helped him pick out clothes, and he enjoyed the compliments he got so much he doesn’t mind going to the mall with me!

  14. Unfortunately, my husband genuinely enjoys shopping a LOT more than I do. I counted JUST his short-sleeve button-up shirts the other day and he had over FORTY of them. My wardrobe is pitiful in comparison.

  15. my hubs the same. he never really bought his own clothes for probably a decade or so now. hahahah and as for gifts. he only wants electronics. and best buy is like his 2nd home.

  16. Looooooooooool. Poooor Justin :) Chris doesn’t shop either. If we happend to walk by the guy’s section at Target we’ll walk through and he MAY grab a shirt (if I happened to point one out that I think is cute). Oh and he always says i have SO many clothes, yet he has like 30 plain white t’s and 20 pairs of jeans. SO DONT EVEN GO THERE!

  17. Jonathan hates to shop, which is a shame because he has really great taste. Unfortunately, he is also very picky which makes it hard for me to shop for him. And oh yes, stupid Call of Duty. Why is that game so loud, no matter how low the volume is???

  18. Okay, I have to say that my hubby likes to shop. In fact, I think he owns more clothes than I do and if we were made of money (haha!) he would own a million hats and just as many pairs of shoes!

  19. i dress Hubs.

    if it were up to him, that man would wear shorts and a shirt with a fish on it 365 days a year.

    NOT ON MY WATCH, buddy.

  20. I dress him but he’s with me when we go shopping. Sometimes I feel like he’s my doll and I get to dress him, haha.

    My husband’s Birthday is coming up next week and he keeps asking for things that he’ll probably only use for 1 day then forget about it. Bike, Games from Best Buy, pool table, etc. Oh boy!

    Good luck!

  21. Oh gosh, Cale is ALWAYS wanting to buy clothes. Really. He never has enough jeans, shirts, etc. He’s constantly sending me shirts he wants to buy. It’s the worst. He buys more clothes than I do.

  22. I typically dress my hubby. Although, every once in a while, he gets on a kick that he needs new clothes and then shops like mad. I hate it because he only wants to look at stuff for himself, and I have to stay and see how it looks on him, then we can’t go see anything I want.
    Ahhh, just stick to shopping for him. :)

  23. Long time reader and first time commenting. My bf loves shopping… and when we first started going out I thought that was a GOOD thing… uhm well wrong.. sometimes we are at the mall for hours just shopping for his clothes while I dont even get time to look around for myself…And then my job is to sit inside the dressing room and watch him model the clothes….*yawn*

  24. Jeremy HATES shopping and will wear the same things for ever and ever and ever, amen. I make it a point to get rid of some of his things every once in a while just so he HAS to buy something new. Which I will pick out for him, of course. :)

  25. “Oh suuuure, walk around looking like a hobo all day, but hey! At least you have that new Xbox game you’ve been obsessing over for the past 3 months” — John fortunately isn’t into Call of Duty but he has plenty of other games to keep him occupied. oh man. John now has a Wii, an Xbox and a DS … which means 3X the games! :/

    Oh yeah, back to clothes. John does like to pick out his own new clothes or go to the gap or old navy when he needs new jeans … but he isn’t ALL about the shopping. He likes to buy random shirts at Target or sometimes Gap or Urban Oufitters but his monthly spending $$ is all about the video games. And he used to like to go shopping with me but now he groans because I’m the worst at making decisions and take forver. haha. But he’ll still go with me sometimes. Then again, I also hate the mall. I’m too lazy to deal with people and parking and yada yada. I’m sure I’ve already complained about this on Twitter. Ha. Um this comment is totally random and rambling. soooo the end!

  26. I just busted out laughing because of the ENEMY UAV IS ONLINE. I finally had to ask MrB what the heck a UAV was. he’s dying for the new one to come out :)

    MrB likes to shop (most of the time) He usually likes me to go along but he can certainly dress himself nicely. He always has. But the best part? He’ll shop for me too!! I’ve had women come up to me and tell me that i’m lucky because he’ll openly stand there with me, deciding what bracelet I should buy and if it will match my earrings, haha. When I had NB he actually went on his own and bought me these gorgeous gladiator-ish heels.

  27. OMG! Call of Duty is the bane of my existence!! The Husband comes home every night and I can just feel him freaking OUT knowing all his buddies are playing. Luckily, he waits till our little guy is asleep. Best Buy is a definite favorite gift for him- except he asks for playstation games and $200 Lamb sneakers and Energie jeans. I wish he’d pick ONE thing to spend mass amounts of money on. I’ve already been told that the new Call of Duty is more important then groceries so I had better have the money when it comes out!

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