Waste Not…

The other night I was rummaging through my nightstand in search of some lotion. See, this is one of my weird rituals. I absolutely can’t go to sleep until I put lotion on my elbows and feet.

Anyway, for the life of me I could NOT find my lotion. I was already in bed with the lights off and I didn’t want to get back up again, so I did what any other thinking person would do it my situation…

lansinoh… slathered on some of the old leftover nipple cream from when I was nursing that I found in the drawer.

Call me lazy, gross, disturbed, whatever… but I am a flipping resourceful genius. I woke up the next morning with some of the smoothest heels and elbows EVER.  And the best part? If your baby decides they want to suck on your foot for whatever reason, it’s completely safe for them to do so.

I know. Awesome.

24 thoughts on “Waste Not…

  1. When I had a cold I used some under my nose it really helped from getting that horrible chapped runny nose thing!

  2. Lol!! I’ve totally done the same thing! Another amazing use for it? Lip gloss. I kid you not, that stuff will make your lips shine and shine, doesn’t wear off quickly AND actually soothes chapped lips…it’s pretty much the nectar of the gods. Thanks Lansinoh! ;) haha!

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA! I’m the same way – Gotta put lotion on my hands, elbows, knees and feet at night… Never had any nipple cream though, might have to try it just to see the Awesome… ~~~Awwwwwwwwwww~~~

    Surviving breast cancer…

  4. Oh my gosh, this is hilarious! Seriously, they should advertise all the great uses for this stuff – they’d probably sell a lot more of it!

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