The Hot Older Men Debate

Let me preface this post by saying I am happily married to a hot young man who has a full head of brown hair (which I love). He has often voiced his opinions about women (ahem, MEGAN FOX.) so I’m sure he won’t mind this. :)

I know, it kind of sounds gold-diggerish, but I know you girls have checked out an older guy and given your seal of approval as well. Don’t deny it!

A recent conversation with a 20-something friend of mine spurred a little debate. What’s more attractive on an older man… salt and pepper or a bald/shaved head?

Team A – The Greys


Richard Gere

Pierce Brosnan

Team B – The Bald/Shaved Heads



bruce willis

I conducted a little survey on Twitter, asking what the ladies prefer. Here’s what they said:

mrspriss_hot older men debate_twitter_poll

The results of my little Twitter survey were very interesting… pretty much all who answered were in favor of the gents with salt and pepper hair.

(Personally, Jason Statham & Bruce Willis get my vote. Just saying.)

What do you prefer? Cast your vote in the comments. :)

27 thoughts on “The Hot Older Men Debate

  1. I prefer bald! Like statham hot! Plus my dad looks like pierce brosnan so that just creeps me out lol!

  2. Honestly, I’ve always preferred a head of nice thick, dark hair… and yet here I am dating a baldy.

    It surprised me what little difference it made when it came down to the guy himself!

  3. Am I allowed to say, “Both”? I love Richard, but man, nothing like a little Vin. *sighing*

  4. oh swoon, swoon, SWOON!

    i dig older guys, i just do. There’s no way around it.

    and you just rekindled the flickering flame of love that I have for Vin Diesel with this post. Y-U-M.
    yum to all of these.
    well, except for Jason Statham, don’t hate me :P

  5. I’m definitely a salt and pepper fan… perhaps an aversion to the baldness because my dad is bald? Though after evaluating all of Cale’s grandparents, I don’t think I’ll end up with much graying, and he’ll probably just get a little bit of receding around his temples. Which is fine by me.. Am I the only person who spends an obsessive amount of time trying to figure out how we’re going to look as an old married couple? meh fine.

  6. Yeah, sorry I’m one of the few who like the bald/shaved look. I think it’s because I’ve been a military wife for 8.5 years and I’m constantly around the men with the shaved/buzzed heads.

    Mmmmmmmm. Thanks for the Vin Diesel picture.

  7. Jason Statham makes bald look like the hottest style on guys,since forever.

    Now,I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging,but my boyfriend looks just like Jason looks on the cover of The Transporter 1.HOT!

  8. I never look at men that I see in person but celebrities, hell yes! I agree with Jason Statham & Bruce Willis. I hate the kinds of movies Jason Statham is in but I watch them anyway just to drool over him! He’s just too hot

  9. You guys are so hilarious!! Thanks for all the great feedback. :)

    @Claudia: The “smooth skull” thing make me lol.

    @katy: I know what you mean! My father in law looks sort of like Pierce Brosnan… can’t do it. haha

    @jimaie: There HAS to be a little love for Jason in your heart somewhere! HAS TO! I cry!

    @juani: How nice it must be to see THAT every day!

    @Casey: I’m the same way… I never said I was a fan of his acting skills, lol.

  10. Ok, you know what’s funny. I know I SAID salt and pepper, but after I thought about it, bald is definitely my preference. Especially after seeing the bald hotties compared to the salt and pepper ones. Thank goodness my husband will be shaving his head soon. :-) Mamma likey.

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