Chim chiminey, Chim chim cher-oo

In keeping with the current theme of my blog — trannies & drag queens — I’m going to let you in on a little secret of mine that has only been shared with those truly close to me…

No, I’m not secretly a man.  I’m going to actually DRESS UP for Halloween this year. Get it? Dress up… Drag? Too far? Okay.

Anyway, our young adult classes at church are getting together for a mystery dinner next weekend, which I’ve never actually participated in, but I’ve heard they’re such a blast. We were all assigned costumes that are to remain a secret until that night, where we’ll all show up in character. It sounds downright silly, but I think that’s the point of it all.

I was slightly horrified when I received my costume assignment on a slip of paper in the mail. I have just a few days to scour thrift stores and possibly my great-grandma’s closet so I can transform into this classy, yet terrifying lady:


My question for all of you is this…

Should I go for the traditional, umbrella-flying Mary?


Or the gussied-up, horse race Mary?


And if you think THAT’S bad, wait until you see who Justin has to be. I’ll give you a hint: it involves a hat and tights.

32 thoughts on “Chim chiminey, Chim chim cher-oo

  1. Ha! Oh that’s such a cute idea! I would go as standard Mary Poppins, and take LOTS of pictures!

    ps – the 2nd picture isn’t showing up for me, just so you know =(

  2. Thanks, Kyla! I hope I just fixed it. :) I was thinking the standard Mary too… it’s going to be ridiculous!

  3. Oh, awesome! Definitely go with the standard Mary Poppins. More recognizable.

    I think I would get more into Halloween costumes if someone would send me a costume assignment every year. The choice to be anything in the known universe overwhelms me!

  4. gosh I think that second outfit would be SO EASY to find in all the shops in downtown clovis, but both are so fun! I’ve actually always wanted to go to one of those mystery dinners…. after watching it on Girls Next Door.. oh for shame! haha!


    Gosh, I love old Disney movies. Mmm. Bedknobs and Broomsticks? Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? SO GOOD!

    I wish I belonged to a young adult group at church! How fun!

  6. William: He’s Robin Hood. :) I seriously can’t stop laughing every time I picture him in his costume.

  7. I say go with the traditional Mary Poppins. It would probably be easier to recreate. And EVERYBODY would recognize it. :-) OMG… can’t wait to see pictures. Especially now that you teased us with your husband’s costume involving tights.

  8. What fun! I can’t wait to see pictures! I too vote for the “standard Mary”. A teacher at my kids’ school dressed as her last year. LOVED it. MP is my fave movie :D I wasn’t given a costume assignment but I do “have” to dress up for Bunco on Thursday night. I’m going to be the same thing I was last year – a deviled egg. :D

  9. LOL! I like the traditional Mary Poppins :) I almost guessed that Justin was Jimminy (sp?) cricket. OK that’s TOO FUNNY. Pics please.

  10. Traditional for sure, and, btw, I think you made it out pretty lucky….not only because I think Mary Poppins ROCKS, but also because I know some of the other characters who you could have :) Have fun!

  11. Oh definitely go with the traditional Mary Poppins, carpet bag (that IS what it’s called, right? You could have so much fun with that! Put a lamp in it…) and all! And yes pictures!!

  12. oh i think that sounds like SO much fun!!! What church do you guys go to? We are SO bad at connecting at church…I always want to but always FAIL. The young adult groups sound fun!
    I say definitely go with the standard Mary Poppins (i totally typo’d that as POOPINS!!)
    Ohhh my gosh, Justin is going to be hilarious!!
    I cannot WAIT to see pics!

  13. haha that is awesome! Traditional Mary Poppins would be much more ridiculous. (The more ridiculous the better, in my opinion) I can only imagine the amount of items you could fit in a carpet bag. haha Sounds like a lot of fun! :)

  14. Ummm…. Let’s see… Mrs. Priss = standard or foofy costume?
    The foofy one Of Course!!
    The standard one is sooooo, well – Standard, been-there-done-that by Sooooooo many others.

    Whatever you chose though, You’ll Be Lovely!! can’t wait to see photos!

    Surviving breast cancer…

  15. Oh – I forgot – if you Do go with the “Standard” costume, I agree with Rachel’s idea of sooting your face, tristan’s “spoon of sugar”, and Melissa bout All The Things you could put in the bag!


    Surviving breast cancer…

  16. I’m going to add to the clamor and say I can’t WAIT to see pictures either!!!! :)
    seriously, you are going to be adorable as Mary Poppins. Eee!
    and I’ve always wanted to go to one of those mystery dinners, or have one… they sound like SO much fun!

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