17 thoughts on “Going to Church in our Headbands & Patent Shoes

  1. Too adorable – both of you. I almost bought that same dress for Lu, but then I looked in the basket and realized I had tons of other things to buy her, so I had to enforce some control. You’re making me wish I had bought it.

  2. Thank you, girls!

    Shea, it’s like Everybody Loves Raymond, with the brown-haired parents with the mysteriously blond children. I don’t get it!! She even has some curls going on in the back, haha.

  3. you guys are so cute, Maddie is RIDICULOUS, i think I saw that outfit at Target? And just stared at it b/c it was THAT precious.
    The baby cardigan kinda just puts me over the edge and then you add patent shoes AND tights?! I die.
    she is the most fashionable baby girl EVER.

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