16 thoughts on “My Plan for Saturday

  1. omg, we TOTALLY SHOULD! hahahaaha!! I think they may freak sarahmariep out a little bit tho….but omg, a black shirt covered in spray glitter?! how amazing would that be? i’m pretty sure i need to make a trip to Michaels now. heeee!!


  2. Have fun!! I want to go so badly but it’s going to have to wait. Busy on Friday night and doing a craft show all day Saturday. Then on Sunday the hubby has hockey during the day. My weekend’s booked and sadly it doesn’t include Jacob, Edward, and Bella. Boo.

  3. I won’t judge. Promise. I’ll be there too. Complete with a twilight viewing before that might include some Bitten and PuppyChow cupcakes (still in development). Its getting a little ridiculous, but when in Rome… Are you re-reading it this week?

  4. New Moon on opening weekend? Are you sure that’s a wise idea for your personal safety? :P I’m scared to go; I’m in LA for the weekend and I want to see it with a friend here, but I’m afraid I might get trampled by twi-hards!

  5. Hee! I’m looking forward to Saturday because of two people … not Edward & Jacob … but Morgan & Jimaie! :P I love how obsessed you girlies are! And I’m glad to be coming along for the ride and to witness the giddiness. Are you guys going to scream in the theatre? haha. Good times. As I told Jimaie, I kind of wish I was a Twihard …. hmmm maybe I’ll just have to pretend! And I have to admit that Rob is cute. I love his messy hair! Hee.

  6. Tell me… how much did you love New Moon? I have seen it twice already! I only recently fell in love with the whole Twilight Saga – as in, just a couple of weeks ago, I saw Twilight for the first time, so then of course I had to buy all the books and of course I read them in like, a week, and I went to see New Moon, and now I’m an addicted mom of two… who loves everything Edward and Jacob. I mean, Twilight! ;)

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