The Angry Face

I don’t remember exactly how it got started, but Maddie’s been making this “angry face” for about a month now. I’ve been trying to get her to do it for friends and family, but sometimes she just doesn’t want to cooperate. Here is the proof that it does exist:

[video 425 285]

I know I’m going to be sorry for encouraging this, but it cracks me up!

21 thoughts on “The Angry Face

  1. Awww so CUTE! I love the angry face!! It’s like commanding a dog to do something, except you don’t have to give her a treat!! LOL..ok jk :)

  2. oh my word, she is the cutest thing ever!!

    and don’t you just love the screaming? I hate to tell you this but it never, ever ends, it only gets worse. :(

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