I Just May Be the One to Blame…

By now, you’ve all witnessed the horror that is The Angry Face:

angry face

While browsing through some old photos a few moments ago, I found one of me when I was three:

morgan angry face

(I swear that smudge on my nose is not a booger. Though, I really wouldn’t be surprised if it was… I was kind of a hot mess. LOOK AT THAT HAIR. Good gracious.)

Childlike joy and happiness is obviously overflowing in this gene pool.

18 thoughts on “I Just May Be the One to Blame…

  1. omg! first off, that picture is ah-mazing. the glasses, the hair, it’s too much good stuff. also, my kid does a very similar mean face and she’ll do it in public to complete strangers and legitimately hurt their feelings.

  2. LOL, awwwwww, both pictures are so cute!!!
    You remind me of Drew Barrymore in ET…. I have no idea why.

  3. I could look at that picture of you all day everyday and not get tired of it. Also I love how every time I see it, the picture is higher and higher quality. :-D Can I print a huge enlargement of it for a birthday party in the future?

  4. Don’t worry. My son does it too, and yes, he did learn it from me. What a way to realize you make ‘mean’ faces yourself… The joy of motherhood.

  5. Hi, Mrs. Priss! I hope that you don’t mind that I used the picture of your adorable daughter’s angry face picture on my blog for my entry about anger. Don’t worry, it’s nothing offending. :) May God bless your wonderful family! :)

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