A Few More Confessions

My hilarious friend Crystal, who I considered my internet BFF twin, tagged me as a Truly Authentic Mom. I’ve been sitting here for about an hour trying to come up with 5 things that qualify me as one… it’s kind of embarrassing how long this is taking me.

ANYWAY. Here are 5 things that you may not know about me and Maddie (four hours later):

1. Madeline hasn’t slept one night in our bed with us, ever.¬† When she was new-new, I was afraid I would roll over on top and squish her with my giganto-self, so she slept in the bassinet next to me. At one month, we put her in the crib and she’s slept through the entire night ever since. Co-sleeping is just not for me. I don’t share blankets.

2. Though I once confessed to listening to Lady Gaga while Maddie was in the car with me, I’ve actually become very sensitive and protective of what she’s exposed to. We save TV shows (Dexter is not exactly toddler material) and movies for after her bedtime, which in turn has bumped up the amount of quality time we spend together in the evenings. Love it.

3. I do turn on Yo Gabba Gabba to keep her distracted while I get ready for work in the morning though.

lance rock

DJ Lance Rock, I love you and your fuzzy orange hat. But the songs. THE SONGS. I’ve been singing¬† “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid… it’s okay!” since the weekend and I kind of want to die.

4. I just tried to get her to eat those baby cheese ravioli things and she flat out REFUSED. She waved her arms around, spit it out and seemed pretty pissed at me that I’d even try to give her something other than sweet potatoes. I was like, “What is the big flippin’ deal, sister?”, ate one myself and you know what?? It was delicious.

5. You know that whole thing about socks mysteriously disappearing? Well, tiny baby socks are 8,000 times worse than big people socks. I’ve pretty much given up on trying to match them up and just buy a new pack at Target every week. It’s just easier that way.

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11 thoughts on “A Few More Confessions

  1. Bella loves Yo Gabba Gabba too and Alicia uses it in the morning for Bella so she can get ready or if Bella gets up early she sits with me and has her milk and we watch it together. Sadly, I know all about the Don’t be Afraid song too…

  2. I regularly use YGG as a distraction for Em. Brent and I find ourselves singing the songs quite frequently. “Keep trying…keep trying….never give up, don’t give up…”

    We only tried co-sleeping once, while we were in a hotel ‘cuz the crib they provided looked like something out of a Romanian orphanage. Worst. Night. Of sleep. Ever.

  3. as of now, YGG still kind of creeps me out, i’m pretty sure when vegas is old enough to know whats going on, it will save my life. :)

    “you and me could write a baaaaaaaaad romance.”

  4. Wow, how funny about YGG! All night I’ve been singing “baby steps, baby steps, little tiny baby steps!” DH had a friend over who asked what I was singing and why, hah!

  5. I recognize the socks! I don’t buy socks any more, I use tights :) Way easier!

    I’m very happy that Aileen eats everything. When she’s finished eating she does the same with the hands and food :/

  6. Aaah! SOCKS! I’ve decided I’m only going to buy a BUNCH of solid colored socks. No more single pairs of stripes or what ever. B/c if one gets lost, the pair is ruined. But if you have like 7 pairs of the same white socks… you will always have a matching pair. ;-)

    Thanks for tagging me. Its taking WAY longer than 4 hours to figure my list out. Gah!

  7. Ok, you don’t know me but somehow I stumbled upon your site via Disney at Ruffles and Stuff. I just wanted to say that you and your daughter are adorable. I’m totally gonna print the pic of your new (maybe old now) hair-do with bangs and take it to my hairdresser, lol. That is exactly what I’ve been picturing and that was the first time I’d seen it in a pic.

    I had issues losing socks and well and wanted to share my solution. When my now 2 yr old daughter was born we lived in an apartment and shared laundry facilities and those teeny tiny baby socks ALWAYS got lost. I started throwing them all into one of those zippered lingerie bags and, tada, all her socks stay together and make it out of the laundry room

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