The Blonde Celebrity Perfume Fairy Strikes Again

Back when no one read my blog except my mom and Stephanie and occasionally Justin (but only when I bribed him with a home cooked meal), I posted this little gem. Go read it, be all, this chick is a ri-tard… Who says ‘hoochie’? Get with the times, woman, Gah. “, and come back here. I’ll wait.

So apparently I have a thing for celeb perfumes of the Rite-Aid variety. I know. I’m so 13 and trying to be one of the cool kids who doesn’t wear perfume that came from their Great-Grandma’s endless supply of Avon she keeps in her garage and gives to them in a huge overflowing bag every Christmas.

Except, oh yeah… I am that kid.


Grandma got it right this year though, oh yes she did. In Bloom by Reese Witherspoon may be Avon, and I may die a little inside every time I spray it on my wrist, but MAN, do I smell amazing. When I put it on this morning, I looked up into the mirror and I was doing that pose Reese is doing in that picture at myself. I couldn’t help it.

People are even treating me differently, it’s crazy. Like this morning on my way to work, the guy standing at the corner totally let me make that right hand turn before he started walking across the street. They NEVER do that, selfish pedestrians! We may not have have made eye contact and he probably couldn’t smell me, but still… he knew what was up.

And let’s not ignore the fact that the bottle is freaking adorable. It’s the important things, people.

I acknowledge the odd way I automatically fall in love with every perfume that comes out as long as it’s named after a celebrity who is blonde and I’m slowly learning how to deal. Kind of like Mandy Moore in that one movie, minus the all the depressing crap that happens to her and her pregnant friend… and definitely minus the hair.

mandy moore OW my eyes

…and face.  Okay, basically if Mandy Moore’s character smelled amazing in addition to having the ability to dazzle the universe with her sparkling looks and personality, we’d be more on the same page. Sorry, Mandles.

16 thoughts on “The Blonde Celebrity Perfume Fairy Strikes Again

  1. I don’t wear perfume, I have smelled the In Bloom in that little leaflet thing in the Avon book, it smelled pretty good, I almost would buy it.

  2. OMG I’m absolutely DYING over here!! I’m not a huge perfume fan because I have an overly sensitive head that gets a headache all too often when I am around perfume. So about once a month I actually remember to wear it and hope it doesn’t bother my head! LOL!

    P.S. I’m thinking he wanted to look at your beautiful self just a wee bit longer so he let you go first! ;-)

  3. I’m mostly a perfume loyalist – have worn the same one since high school – but I am always flirting with the idea of a new one, I just never find something that can quite tempt me away from my true love.

  4. You know I went cologne shopping today because my friend Tink assured me that I needed new cologne. The Burberry just wasn’t doing it anymore for me.

    Strange though, I got to tell you they all really pretty much smell the same you know. Its not like one is white and one is puke green. They are all blue.

  5. I havent smelled Bloom yet. But another Blonde Chick’s Fragrance I like is Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers G, I think? Its the one with the little cartoon Gwen on it. Its smells AMAZING, the other one I think its called LOVE, I made the mistake of Spraying that and I was sick until I took a shower. PU!

  6. I’m not going to lie…when I saw the commercial for “Bloom” I seriously almost logged right onto and ordered myself a bottle! And now that you say that it smells so amazing? Trouble, trouble I tell you!

    I wear Philosophy’s Amazing Grace. (aaaand Britney Spears’ Fantasy. Because everyone has one. Heehee:)

    …I hope everything is going well with Maddie! I’ve been sending up prayers for her and hope she’s doing better. You are an AMAZING momma!

  7. @kittenpie Which one is your favorite?

    @Katy I know which ones you’re talking about! I love G! I have to confess that sometimes I just want to buy certain fragrances because they have cute bottles. That little Gwen makes me happy and needs to be on my dresser.

    @Kristen Thank you so much! I love Fantasy as well, lol.

    @Martinis It is! It’s one of those that is WAY better when you’re wearing it than when you sniff it straight from the bottle. That sounded mildly inappropriate.

  8. I think we have the same grandma, lol! Mine has stocked her house with Avon products for the past three decades and we all get chapstick and skin-so-soft every holiday.

  9. Hi!! I have just discovered your gorgeous blog and OMG I have not laughed so much in ages! My hubby thinks I am insane because I actually laughed out loud! My Nan was such an Avon lady (pardon the pun) and I shudder everytime I think about spraying an Avon fragrance on myself! BUT I adore Reese Witherspoon, so on your advice I think I will jump on the bandwagon and give it a go! I will have to put my Hilary Duff perfume aside for a while (no offence Hilary)!! :) I LOVE your blog!!

  10. Hehe…you make me laugh so much! I say hoochie like it’s my job, and actually taught my 3 year old goddaughter to say “hoochie mama” last night. I was proud.

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