No Monkeys. Got the Point.

I was stocking up on crafting supplies at Michael’s today, when I saw this little nugget of a stuffed monkey. For those of you who aren’t aware, my family has an odd fascination with monkeys and will pretty much fall off the couch laughing when one appears on TV. Seriously, it doesn’t even have to be funny. We’re an awesomely odd bunch.

Anyway, when I saw this little thing I was freakishly excited to bring it home to Maddie. Being that my weirdo-monkey-obsessing blood runs through her veins, there was no doubt in my mind she was going to love it.


Nothing too terrifying, right?

WRONG. The kid HATES the monkey.

I took it out of the bag, and was all, “Here you go, baby! Mama got you something at the store–” and Maddie got this disgusted look on her face and started backing up away from me (and the monkey) slowly, until her back touched the wall. I showed it to her again, “It’s a monkey!”, then as if she felt threatened, she took off running, making a big circle around me and went to sit by her daddy.

That was a few hours ago. I just gave her a bath and put her to bed, and while I was picking up the mess of toys all over the living room I noticed the monkey. It was face down on the floor, pushed far under the couch.

So much for dreams.

16 thoughts on “No Monkeys. Got the Point.

  1. Oh dear, scared of a monkey?? I love them too – if there is a nature programme featuring a monkey of any kind I have to watch. And don’t even start me on gorillas… my god, they are just the. best. So yeah, maybe it’s a case of showing her it until she accepts that is now part of the family – it’s the only way this monkey is going to be welcomed lol!

  2. Aww, that’s too cute. I suppose monkeys do look a bit odd compared to other dolls. Hopefully she’ll come around to them in the future, or maybe she’ll just be the little rebel of the family :)

  3. Well, it could be worse. At least she didn’t break into terrified tears and scale her daddy like our Bean does everytime she sees a stuffed animal that moves or lights up. This all thanks to a really dumb singing and dancing hamster.

  4. @Ashley: I haven’t made her watch it yet, but you’re right! Those flying monkeys are flipping TERRIFYING. I used to hate them too!

    @Alyssa: Wedding idea… lol

    @Lisa: Poor baby!!

  5. Haha! Rowan had LOTS of stuffed monkeys. :-) That’s hilarious that she was terrified of it. It reminds me of a toy my nephew got for his 1st birthday. It was some barn yard animal thing from fisher price. And it made all sorts of barn yard animal noises… each time he would push the button he would laugh at the pig… sheep… horse… noises coming out of the toy. But as soon as the cow mooooo’d he’d freak the heck out!!!! Every time! It was hilarious.

    Anyway… hope she comes around!

  6. OH.MY.GOODNESS that’s hilarious!! My family also holds a special place in our hearts for monkeys. My mom has been making sock monkeys for various family and friends since my brother was little. In fact, that’s what we gave my husband for his birthday last year! LOL!! I ADORE my sock monkey, so much that she’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted to be able to take with me when I go to Heaven! :)

    Anyways, don’t give up on monkeys just yet…maybe try a different one in a few months. Monkeys are the BEST…she has to come around!

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