The Men of LOST: Sawyer vs. Jack

Lost is returning in less than a month for it’s final season and I am THISCLOSE to making a huge fool of myself due to the excitement of it all. Like, do a little jig kind of fool. Now, before you start questioning my sanity, let me assure you that I have a love/hate relationship with the show and it frustrates me as much as it does you.

I’ve been a faithful viewer for the 5ish years it’s been on, have sat through the most aggravating episodes that only leave you with MORE questions to be answered and have pretty much wanted to rip my shirt down the middle and stomp in protest after every season finale because there are about 500 freaking more mysteries to be explained!

People, it’s time to get serious.  I’ve been wasting my time trying to figure out the significance of Hurley’s magical numbers and the black smoke monster and why that one dark haired guy never ages (not to mention why I can never remember the dude’s name), and you know what? It’s all been for nothing.

I’m switching gears and devoting this final season to discovering what’s truly important. I’ll be delving deep into the show’s history and character background in hopes of answering the question that has tormented me for years:




Things to Consider:

  • Pre-Island Profession: Con Man
  • Will probably lie to you about important issues such as his job, family history, real name and likely… STDs.
  • Often wields a gun, meaning he may offer protection and/or shoot you
  • Steals items from dead bodies
  • Wears glasses stolen from dead body to look incredibly cute and intelligent while reading books (in touch with intelligent side, I like)
  • Flowing golden locks of hair
  • Southern accent (win)
  • Becomes increasingly sensitive, kind and lovable as show progresses
  • Once fell in love with Kate, obviously indicating poor taste in women (see below)



  1. is a ho
  2. is a homicidal B
  3. has a bad case of Man Body
  4. is not me



Things to Consider:

  • Pre-Island Profession: Neurosurgeon
  • Has life-saving abilities and uses them frequently
  • Has major Daddy issues
  • Has substance abuse problems (pill popper, mostly… but it runs in the family so don’t be too hard on the poor guy)
  • Strong leadership qualities & is a quick thinker, but becomes bossy and irrational at times
  • Has tattoos, indicating the slightest touch of badassery
  • Short, clean cut hair (you know how I feel about this)
  • Becomes increasingly emo, unstable and self-destructive as seasons progress
  • Fell in love with Kate, obviously indicating poor taste in women (See above)

Can you see the dilemma? I’ll be spending the next 6 months trying to decide who wins, and will prooooobably be annoying you greatly with weekly updates on my findings. I know you’re excited.

If you had to vote rightthissecond, who would it be?

45 thoughts on “The Men of LOST: Sawyer vs. Jack

  1. That is a TOUGH question, because let’s be honest – they are all SUPER hot. But I’m going to have to go with Jack. I’m a sucker for the dark and handsome look.

  2. I watched the first season religiously, but I got annoyed. I’m going to wait until the end and sit down to watch them all at once.

    My vote is for Sawyer! I’m married to a Jack (in almost every way) so I think I’d like to branch out with my hypothetical guy vote here.

  3. I was totally into that show for three seasons or so and then I just got frustrated! So I have no idea what’s even going on, but my vote is for Jack. ;)

  4. If I had water in my mouth, it would be all over my screen right now.

    I am dying at your comments about Kate! Also, she has bad teeth (go right on ahead and add that!). She totally has a man body!!!

    Both of those guys have had their share of douchbagary…buut, I go with JACK. I can’t stand Sawyer’s long hair for one thing. SO yeah :) All about looks, of course.

  5. Can I just say how much I LOVE YOU for talking about this issue?!!?? Oh my goodness. It’s about TIME somebody asked me this oh so important question!

    First things first… in the beginning, I did my best to like Kate, but now I’m just like you. She is a cantankerous little slut (in the show, I mean), & I am so frustrated with her terrible communication skills that I’ve wished she would’ve been killed off in the beginning.

    SIGH. Anyway, now that THAT’S off my chest.

    I’m going to pick Sawyer. There is just something so incredibly sexy about a many who is a bad ass, yet has a sensitive spot. My heart gushed Skittles for him on the past season’s finale, when he started to cry when that blonde chick fell down that epic magnified hole. I was like, & HE CRIES TOO?? SOLD!

    So yes, Sawyer is my pick. :]

  6. I’m going to be the odd duck here and say Sawyer. Jack’s hot, but unless he could keep his mouth shut (and you know he couldn’t, he just has to talk talk talk), he’d annoy the sexy away.

    Plus, the whole bad boy/intellectual thing Sawyer has going on is just way yummy.

  7. I’m only on season 3 (I know, waaay behind and so much to learn) but I’m very much torn right now. Good points though! And love your blog. :)

  8. Okay, you guys are great. I KNEW everyone had an opinion on this, whether they liked the show or not!

  9. Ok, I say Jack in general. Though, if I could choose Sawyer as LeFleur when he was back in time and living with Juliet, I would choose him. Whacko-Good-Person-Sawyer.

    Also, the dark haired guy that doesn’t age is named Richard Alpert, though I always call him ‘eyeliner’ since he wears more black eyeliner than I do.

  10. Yes – it’s ageless eyeliner Richard. I have a feeling he’s going to be a big deal this coming season, especially since he’s no longer on some other shitty failed show on, like, CBS or something.

    ANYWAY. Back to the subject at hand. I used to have a HUUUGE crush on Jack. Even when he went all crazy in the first flash-forward episode because he was listening to Nirvana in the car on the way to the funeral home and I really like that song. So, yeah… Jack. He’s hot.

    But then he started doing The Ugly Cry in basically every episode and I wanted to blow my brains out. So… less of a crush on Jack now.

    However, Sawyer isn’t really for me. I can see how folks would find him attractive (especially since they marginalized Jack as the leader and made Sawyer have more a of a leadership role in the past season) but he’s not really my type.

    P.S. I hate Kate – she’s an indecisive slut. Totally throwing off the rhythm of the island. But she cleans up damn good.

  11. SAWYER SAWYER SAWYER. I used to hate all of his little nicknames for people but could never deny his hotness. Once he started loving Juliet (who I love too!), he became the perfect man. Gotta love those stitched-together glasses too.

    I’ve always hated Jack. He’s a crybaby, not that attractive, and is such a sucker for lame-o Kate’s BS.

    P.S. You’re description of Kate is SPOT ON.

  12. Jack but you know you would close your eyes and think of Sawyer. Ahhhhh. Cannot wait for the season to start.

  13. The part, “and likely… STD” just about knocked me off the couch from laughing. That was good, real good.

    I would say Jack, even though I can’t stand whiny guys he is super smart and that is super sexy to me. MEOW.

  14. Yeah, people bring up a good point. Jack cries a lot. I mean, I’m all for dudes crying, but it seems like he cries every five minutes. That’s annoying for even a girl to do.

    He’s still hot, though.

    But let’s get to brass tacks: I love Charlie. And Mr. Eko. Apparently I have bad taste as both are gone.

  15. Ok, totally just did a “little jig” because you reminded me it was coming soon!

    I also have a love/hate relationship with this show. I don’t think there is another show that I watch that leaves me mentally exhausted!

    Anyway, TEAM JACK!

  16. we watched the first season of Lost and got totally hooked (of course!!) but then somewhere in season 2 we stopped watching and haven’t seen it since. I’m torn, because part of me wants to Netflix all the seasons so we can get caught up and see the finale knowing what’s going on… because I HAVE QUESTIONS even though I only watched season one. But, then I have heard how frustrated people are with some of it and I’m like “eh, do I really want to put myself through that? is it worth my time?” so. anyway.

    but I would have to vote for Jack, based on looks alone. he’s hot.

    oh yes, one last thing: YOU ARE HILARIOUS AND ARE KILLING ME WITH THESE POSTS LATELY!! in a good way. of course. :) muah!

  17. SAWYER! Even though the whole STD thing is likely to be correct (boo!).

    Thanks for hating on Kate, too. I am the only one in my friend circle that doesnt’ have a girl crush on her! Ew! Come on!!!!

  18. Heh, sawyer on ellen, sawyer on ellen at the moment. Such a timely post, now I can’t stop thinking about the debate!

  19. Hannah: I understand the frustration, my dear. I do. But at least we have eye candy. That’s what I’m focusing on this time. I can’t be let down, right? :)

    Talia: IT.IS.WORTH.YOUR.TIME. It is! I think as long as you watch the episodes in succession instead of spreading them apart by weeks and weeks, it’s not so bad. And thank you!

    Bethany: I’m just so glad I’m not the only one who dislikes the wishy-washy ho. STOP MESSING WITH OUR MEN’S EMOTIONS! srsly.

    Karen: First of all, I didn’t know you read my blog, so thank you for commenting! Secondly… I enjoy looking at Sawyer as well. haha

    Rebecca: LOL, I forgot, you don’t like white boys. What about Jin? :)

    La Petite Chic: I completely forgot about the others… they really do all have their moments, don’t they?

    Maegan: SERIOUSLY. It’s been far too long since I’ve had these boys my life!

  20. I vote Jack, not because I watch *Lost* (which I don’t sadly!), but because he was Charlie on *Party of Five*!!! Anyone old enough to remember Charlie, Bailey, Julia…Lacey Chabert long before she was in Maxim?

  21. Sawyer, without a doubt. Jack’s turned into a total jerk who isn’t worth anything. But I disagree on Kate, I love her look for some reason and I think the “man body” is just exacerbated by how they dress her (all those boyfriend jeans).

  22. i just watched all six seasons and I LOVE JACK!! so much…he’s amazing! even when he was messed up, it was because he had tried to help someone and it backfired. he helps everyone in every way he can and is just amazing. i am in love with a man that never existed. lol, c’est la vie.

    i never got into sawyer and can’t, for the life of me, figure out why some people are so crazy about him. i like his nicknames, but most of the time he only really cares about himself. i think he did really love kate and juliet, though. speaking of kate…

    i hate kate!! mostly because jack loved her and she hurt his heart. i completely agree with your assessment and wanted to smack her through the screen several times.

    and i also agree that richard is HOT! not eyeliner, though, that’s his eyelashes! yum. :)

  23. I LOVE SAWYER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kate is soooo stupid how can she even chose between jack and SAWYER???????

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