My Daughter has a Mullet

Poor little Maddie has incredibly awkward hair. Like, mullet status.

It just started growing in all over, but the back is unfortunately winning the race here.


Madeline's Mullet

21 thoughts on “My Daughter has a Mullet

  1. We have a similar situation going on. I hope we won’t have to cut the back since it took so long to get where it is in the first place!

  2. Bean has the sam issue! I gave it a little trim at the back a month or two ago and it’s already back. I can’t wait until it growsout more evenly.

  3. Ha! My daughter is 13 months now, and she has Maddie’s EXACT hair! I’m not kidding, it’s the same! All in the back, hehe.

  4. Ha, if it makes you feel any better – my son was born with a mullet!! He was bald on top and had this tiny little newborn mullet in the back.

  5. hehe. my oldest had a baby mullet forever! we could not get rid of it, we tried cutting her hair and it would just keep growing back, it was awful!

  6. Yay for mullet baby + mullet shoes! :) Whoa, now mullet is looking like a weird word. mullet mullet mullet! HA!

    I love that Maddie is driving in her little car, showing off her hairdo. SO CUTE! And I think her curls are just darling!

  7. Ummm… my son has a rat tail… one little patch on the back of his head that grows longer and darker than all the rest. I am actually posting pictures this weekend.

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