Headband Makeover {How to Make a Bow}


  • Headband (mine was busted)
  • Ribbon (I used 7/8″ wide for this size bow, but you should adjust measurements below according to ribbon width)
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun

mrspriss_headband_bow_tutorial_step 1mrspriss_headband_bow_tutorial_step 2mrspriss_headband_bow_tutorial_step 3mrspriss_headband_bow_tutorial_step 4mrspriss_headband_bow_tutorial_step 5 mrspriss_headband_bow_tutorial_step 6mrspriss_headband_bow_tutorial_step 7mrspriss_headband_bow_tutorial_step 8

mrspriss_headband_bow_tutorial_diy_step 9


(If you’re wondering, I’m gazing down at my toilet.) Let me know if you make one! :)

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50 thoughts on “Headband Makeover {How to Make a Bow}

  1. If you keep posting this cute stuff, I am going to show up on your doorstep (I don’t live that far away, and I teach practically halfway to you!) and DEMAND that we make cute stuff all weekend long. Because a) I am not as crafty as you and b) We need to just become BFF’s already. In real life.

  2. Amy: No seriously, can you just show up one day? Because everyday I’m more and more convinced we’d be BFFs.

    Tia: I’ve become totally lazy. I used to go through 10 more steps, haha

  3. Adorable! I’m so going to do this. I have a huge drawer full of dozens of different kinds of ribbon. I need to do SOMETHING with it.

  4. Lauren: Thanks! It’s actually a shower curtain. I bought it from Bed Bath and Beyond a few years ago. I love it!

  5. Long time reader, first time commenter!

    I totally made a headband and 2 bow clips all the way in New Zealand – thanks to this tutorial!

    I also made the necklace the night before and got so many comments about it!

    So thankyou for the inspiration and bing on lots more tutorials!

  6. thanks for posting this awesome tutorial – I just got a job waitressing at a trendy restaurant downtown and need some cute things to pull my bangs back!

  7. I love your bangs here! SO PERFECT OMG. And your top. It’s soooo cute! And the pearls look adorable too. eeek. Gimme that headband! Can we make this this weekend?!

  8. I cant believe how amazingly easy this is. Its, easy and cute aswell, Im going to try using different colors of ribbon for this.

  9. I literally just busted my headband in the exact same spot as yours and thought it had been rendered useless. I seriously regret throwing it away now…

  10. super cute. I like your site here. You and I are close in age and I also have a toddler and a new addition so I’m feeeelin’ ya lol.

  11. made two really cute headbands!!!

    finally, something to do with my broken ones!



  12. This is really cool!! I made a one with an old headband and royal blue ribbon. To jazz it up a little more, I attached a small silver flower sequin with a royal blue rhinestone in the middle to the center of the bow. fabulous!! Im going to make all my friends their own headband for the holidays!

  13. i made a blue one for myself and it turned out so well that im making ones for all of my friends for the holidays!!!!

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