Roxy and Uggs: 14 year old me would be jealous.

Madeline in Uggs

No, you don’t even understand. I was about 14 when I saw the movie Blue Crush, and I desperately wanted to be a badass surfer chick. It became an issue.

My irrational fear of drowning, sharks and inability to do anything remotely athletic kept may have kept me from it (details, details), but it sure didn’t stop me from wearing Roxy tees.

Maddie Roxy Tee

A girl can dream.

13 thoughts on “Roxy and Uggs: 14 year old me would be jealous.


    for the record, surfing is easy peasy. i’ve been doing it since i was six or seven and its awesome. come to jersey and i’ll teach you and maddie. :)

  2. I think you and I were the exact same person growing up. I was all about the Roxy shirts and skate shoes. But did I do any of that stuff? Absolutely not.

  3. Ah the days when I wore the tees, had the bed-set, light switch plate cover, clock , and pajamas hahaha. I HAD a surfboard but can count on one hand the times I surfed. Hahaha young posery me. SHe looks adorable by the way.

  4. Miss Maddie looks soooo cute!! I adore baby uggs. I’m just jealous that your child can wear them… Rosalie’s feet are far too fat to squeeze them into boots. lol

    also, what the heck?? is Blue Crush really a 10-year-old movie?? that makes me feel OLD. sigh.

  5. I’ve always been a surfer wanna be. When I was in HS I begged my parents to buy me a surf board so our neighbor’s (at our beach home) son could teach me to ride the waves. He was cute but I really did want to learn. My grades were really bad so they said – if you bring your grades up we’ll buy you one. By the time I got my grades to the point they wanted them – I was over it and fear of sharks and getting hurt set it (mostly a broken nose).

    Fast Forward to my mid 20’s – I started snowboarding. Now I feeling only HALF guilty when I wear Roxy stuff (or sport the sticker on my Jeep). I figure I am a snow roxy girl – it’s the beach stuff that makes me not a full roxy girl. But I can lay out on the beach and build sand castles with the best of them!

    Rock it girl! :)

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