Music for the Bipolar

I’m a little nuts sometimes, I’ll admit. My mood swings are frequent, unpredictable and can be quite intense.

The cops took me down to the station once for punching a dude in the face because he cut me in line at Starbucks.  Okay, that’s a lie. But I did run a lady off the road for driving insanely too slow and making me late to work. She was hurt real bad too. Spinal injury, broken bones and yyyyyeah… that’s not true either. My point is I’ve thought about doing some pretty crazy and violent things when really, there’s not much of a reason to get angry in the first place. (Also, I’m a really horrible liar.)

Basically, I’m original Hulk minus green face, plus cuteness.


Here is a handful of Hulk-mood-swing-inducing scenarios I’ve encountered today:

  1. When I’m deprived of a meal I was looking forward to due to a change of plans (Thai and Japanese in particular)
  2. When my favorite pen is stolen from my desk
  3. When I go back to the store to buy That Dress that’s finally on sale, but seeing that all the other B’s who wear Mediums snatched them up already.
  4. When I am told I have a chin like Drew Barrymore (yes, she’s cute, but you’d lead a bitter life too if you were known by your chin.)

I tend to get The Swings pretty bad and the one thing I’ve found that helps me cope is angry white boy music. It’s like a sweet, sweet lullaby to my angry, violent ears. I’ll turn on a little Korn and I’m like, “RAGE RAGE RAGE!” for 4 minutes then I’m all, “Okay cool, over it. Sorry I almost punched you, slow old lady driver.”, eat my feelings with some mint chip and go on with my day.

How do you deal with your anger issues? (Just tell me you have anger issues, even if you don’t.)

10 thoughts on “Music for the Bipolar

  1. Firstly, I just read your backposts to like, June. And then I was all like, woah girl, it’s nearly midnight. Bed would be a good choice. So I stopped. But I am fairly certain I have a bromance kind of girlcrush on you today.

    Secondly, I like to listen to angry white boy music when I’m pissy as well. Yay for “I’m angry because I grew up in a nice neighbourhood with decent parents and I have nothing to be angry about” music! yaaay! Also, when I’m really upset I clean my kitchen. Which is like, hoshit wierd, I’m pretty aware. “The sky is falling! Better clean up!”
    And I laughed when the wife did it on Emporer’s New Groove, all like “grrr grr snort I’m going to go clean something.” Fast forwards a few years and thats me right there.

  2. Hey, Jay Leno is known for his chin!! (I’m not so sure that makes you feel better about that). Do you wish you were your man and could just scream bloody murder at video games to get all that rage out? :)

  3. I can’t say I rage too much, but I definitely get pissed and the only thing that even helps one bit is a footrub from my husband, unless I’m mad at him, in which case he’s not allowed to touch. Then? I guess I get some of it out with internet shopping or driving away, really fast. I used to get it out in Tae Kwon Do when I was younger–there’s nothing like kicking someone in the nads to release stress. Really.

  4. music that helps me when I’m pissy is Backstreet Boys… yup. When I was younger it was angry music, I remember blasting Korn and Limp Bizkit almost every morning when I was in high school.

  5. This is reminding me of last night when I threw on my B mode and went postal on my brother over the phone for whining about taking care of my mom who had a horrible migraine. C’MON! And if my BF wasn’t home I would of blasted the new JAY-Z. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

  6. I have anger issues like whoa. Seriously. During one period of my life, a very bad one, literally everything made me violently angry because I was so pissed off about what was really going on. My therapist (yeah…really) suggested that I purchase some cheap plates, write what I was pissed off about on them and break them. So, I did. And hell yeah, I felt better. Even now, I will occasionally announce, “I need to throw something” and then I will. Not at a person, or anything that will hurt someone.

    Ummm, can we still be friends? I’m not that crazy…okay. Well. I am. But I manage it well.

    Lately, I’ve been trying to channel my anger into cleaning, writing, running or something productive. It usually works…but ya know, so does throwing stuff.

  7. ok so i TOTALLY thot the second story was true and I was all “omg, this bitch really IS crazy!” LOL!!!! I love it, you make me laugh. (And maybe pee a little, shh!)
    I still own my LIT cd for blasting when alone & angry. Also, it’s been a bit but I’ve totally been known to roll the windows down and play some LOUD krzr so all of fresno can hear how pissed and bad ass I am. Well ok not badass but damn, they should know i’m ANGRY!! rawr.
    But mostly, like an above commenter, when I get really freaking-bite-your-head-off angry I clean like a psycho. If it’s just a normal pissed I’ll clean the kitchen or my bedroom but if it’s “I can’t stand to see your face or be around you pissed” then I go ravage my car and make it sparkle.
    My car if F-I-L-T-H-L-Y tho so obviously I haven’t been that angry in awhile.
    Also, in high school Sarah & I used to say that we had “white trash hostilities” when we got pissy and after reading this post I will now tell you that you definitely have some white trash hostilities of your own girlfriend, welcome to the club ;D
    So glad we’re friends.

  8. seriously, I’m so with you when it comes to food and plans getting changed and then having to explain that to my starving stomach. not cool.

    but when I get angry about people and/or situations, I usually punch something soft or blast “scream” by michael jackson&janet jackson or anything by eminem and I feel better….usually.

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