He likes pancakes.

While watching some show on HGTV.

Justin: That girl has has stub arms.

Me: That’s mean! But she sort of does. Her butt is cute though… unlike my pancake. *sobs*

Justin: hrrmmfphmm…

Me: What was that?


Me: Umm, are you agreeing with me? I know what that silence means! You’re supposed to tell me I have a cute butt no matter state it’s in! I tell you you’re cute even though you crunch your cereal too loud and eat spaghetti like Maddie does… this is part of your job!

Justin: I like pancakes.

Me: *dagger eyes*

Justin: What? We weren’t talking about food?

16 thoughts on “He likes pancakes.

  1. Hey, we were watching HGTV over the weekend and my husband pointed out a lady with stubby arms… I wonder if it was the same show….

  2. Oh how I loathe the supid things husbands say….you’d think they’d know by now. By husband, the other day says ‘Wow…(strange face follows)…I never noticed how Italian you look”. What does that mean? I’m concerned about it.

  3. They’re all just dumb… Dave often says “that girl is fat” and I point out that there’s no way that I’m smaller than that and therefore he’s called me fat. There’s never anything they can say to dig themselves out! Silly boys.

  4. I don’t tell many people this but my husband has called me “Funny Butt” for years. It’s from the song. “Funny Butt when you’re near me, I’m in the mood for love.”

    It’s weird.

  5. lol! I D K you but i can picture this convo in my head. youre so cute…makes me wanna get to know you. lol. im weird like that.

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