#90: Grow out my hair… And of course, the issues I have with it

Last February I started my 101 Things in 1001 Days list and have made a pretty solid dent in the thing. I’ll admit, there are few items I’m sort of avoiding completing until the laaaaaast possible minute, like the trying fish thing and singing karaoke (not a fan), but some I got started on right off the bat. I managed to grow out my hair, woooooop.

… Aaaaaand now I want to cut it. Haha. Tell me please, what is my flippin deal? I am never happy with the state of my hair and always wanting to do something different or change it up in some way. Is this normal?

Remember this? And this? In keeping with the trend, I am coming to YOU for advice. Since, you know, you are the ones who have to hear it whenever I’m upset with life/hair.

What my hair looks like now:

jimaie morgan natali

(Jimaie, me, Natali)

Justin and Morgan

(Me and Justin at Prom, obv.)

Ew. Do you see the scraggles? I can’t deal! I WANT THEM GONE. Gone forever, I say.

So, my questions for you are…

Should I chop it?

I’m not talking chin-length, but definitely above my shoulders. It’d be more manageable and healthy looking, right? And cute and current and fabulous?

Should I grow out my bangs?

I’ve had them for 8 months or so… is it time to lay them to rest? And while we’re at it, how difficult is it to actually grow out your bangs?? I’m kind of scared of dealing with that mess.

Should I keep growing it out and embrace the white trash, scraggles look?

I’m pushing you into a corner here. I think you all know what I want to hear.  :)

Really though, I value your opinions and would like to hear what you really think I should do. Two male readers, that means you too. Thanks!

31 thoughts on “#90: Grow out my hair… And of course, the issues I have with it

  1. My vote: grow out the bangs to a nice little side swoop (yes, you’ll have to rock the bangs/bobby pin pompadour for a while, or a headband, but you’ll live) and leave your hair dark (it’s very shiny and healthy looking) and just trim a tad, but still let it grow. Being able to have the pretty waves and curls like the celebrities always have- in long hair is a privilege. One I highly envy. Embrace your luck girlfriend! My hair doesn’t really grow out. It just breaks.

  2. Oh you’re just like me. I get tired of my hair FAST. Usually I change it about twice a year. On the multiple occasions I”ve tried to grow my hair out, I get really tired of it, don’t want to deal with it, etc. And my hair grows really fast. I also got tired of my straight across bangs after about a year, hah. Although mine aren’t hard to grow out, I have to trim them like every other week!

    ANYWAYS, getting to the point…I think you should trim it/chop it up a bit and grow out your bangs a bit! You’ll feel better. Plus, hair grows back :)

  3. I always do the same thing- grow out my hair to cut it and cut it to grow it out. Right now I really want to cut mine. Personally, I LOVE your bangs. They look great on you. Blunt bangs are hard to pull off (I tried and failed), but you definitely do it well!

  4. Your hair is cute now, but if you’re ready for change then, I vote for grow the bangs and cut it into a cute bob. I liked the pics of your hair with the sleek looking bob, just above your shoulders. Very sophisticated. And the dark is good, but if you’re really wanting more of a change you could add some highlights.

  5. Personally I don’t think it looks bad at all! I actually think you look super cute. :P Buuuuut since you want to cut it, I think some sort of cute shorter cut would look very hip and modern. I don’t think it’s all that hard to grow out bangs–I’ve had bangs on and off for the past couple years and it usually only takes a couple months for them to grow out past the slightly awkward stage. As long as you don’t mind having long side bangs for a while (which is also very hip!) then I think you’ll be just fine. :P

    PS: Love your color!

  6. Ugh, I hate growing out my hair! I’m trying to grow it out right now and it’s taking foreverrrr! I hate this weird awkward length! And I do not enjoy the somewhat strange layers … I sort of want to cut it so it’s all one length but then I would loose so much length and my ponytails would be so tiny! Maybe I should just chop my hair too? But it’s never been long before. Maybe it’s not supposed to be long? Oops, sorry — I’m supposed to be talking about YOUR hair! Sorry about that!

    I think your hair looks great now! But your hair ALWAYS looks perfect! PERFECT I tell you! Please come do my hair!

    That being said, I think I loved your hair best when it was an adorable bob —


    Can’t wait to see what you decide! And although you are totally rocking your blunt bangs — if you’re ready for a change, grow em out … you can always cut them again! And side bangs would be cute!

  7. I just cut mine to above my shoulders. So much more manageable!

    Oh and PS I have that orangish colored shirt you have from old navy. Love it,my west coast BFF.

    <3, Crystal

  8. grow out bangs, cut hair length up to shoulders. like a long bob. a lob, if you will.

    that’s my professional advice.

    but seriously? you always look cute. xoxo.

  9. Go with what you feel! The great thing is that it is hair and it will grow back yay! I have the same issue, I cut it off grow it out etc…I always have bangs on and off when they grow out I just pin them up, back, or too the side.

  10. I’m in the same boat, sans the bangs. I’m so tempted to do something a tad drastic w/ my hair, but I also want to grow it out. Ugh.

    I haven’t seen a ‘do on you that I didn’t like. You can rock anything!

    So, in closing, I am of no help. Heh.

  11. Mrs. Priss, your prom picture is really pretty and I am kinda of jealous. I love your hair both ways…it’s like being two different people! P.S. Growing your bangs out will make you angry and you will have to add it to your “sads” list. Good luck with your difficult choices ahead, may sweet baby Jesus be with yoU! xoxoxoxo

  12. I like your hair long…and I don’t see the scraggles???? You are beautiful Chica! I’d say, if a change is necessary, keep the bangs and maybe cut it shorter. Summer is coming so you’ll want it shorter in the heat!

  13. Wow…if you think you looks scraggly, I must look like shaggy dog. I’ve been growing out my hair, but not on purpose. I really need tojuet go and get mine cut. Personally, I love your bangs because they look good on you. I just can’t work it because my hair is more wavy than straight. I do think it would look super cute with the bangs and shoulder length cut.

  14. I think grow out the bangs (we call it a fringe across the water)- I’m doing this at the moment and it should be easy for you with all your pretty bows and flowers to clip/scrape it back. Also, short and choppy (but not too short) if it makes you feel better because it will grow again and it’s nice to have a change – plus as you said it’s very good for it. Also, dare I say it ….I like you better slightly lighter….this is coming from someone with the straggliest of black hair which always has roots, is never blow dried properly and permanently needs a trim! Hope that helps, don’t shoot though! It’s just an opinion! Here’s a (shocking) picture of mine, what are your opinions? http://madmakeanddo.blogspot.com/2010/01/lot-of-buttons-and-quick-dolly-necklace.html Shorter? Lighter? Not even sure I can go lighter after dying it black so long! ahhhhhhhhh xxx

  15. I used to work at a long hair salon. It is called Rapunzels. I just left last week to start my own thing at a salon close to home. Anyway, if you really want to grow it out, there are a few things to do. At Rapunzel’s, we followed the Dr. George Michael method. No, not George Michael the singer! You should get a “dusting”. Take little sections of your hair, twist, and trim the split ends. Look for the “V” shape on the end and trim only the hairs that have it. Your hair will look amazing after you do this. I like your length now, but I am biased, since I worked in a long hair salon, lol. There are ways to shampoo, dry, and style your hair that will keep it healthier too. If you want any info, email me, renparks@gmail.com.

    If you are set on a change, I say cut the back to where the neck meets the shoulders and angle it forward, toward the collar bone. Try not to layer it too much, and do a deep conditioner or a shine gloss to make it super shiny.

  16. I see NO scraggles (is that what you called them?? I’m forgetful) but anyhoo, I love it the way it is, but I, like you, grow my hair out and then immediatey chop it because I want I want it short! So, if you’re looking to chop it, I’m going to agree with Natali way up top, do a cute little side swoop thing and chop it a little! Though every picture I’ve seen of you I love your hair any way it’s been! You are one of the lucky ones with thick shiny hair!!

  17. I just chopped mine off..to grow it out again, of course! Mine was just soooo annoying, I felt like it just “hung” there..ugh.

    Yours looks so cute though!

    And..I totally have like 2 other vlogs floating around my blog..lol..not sure what months though! I have a tad bit of an accent..lol..and when you pair that with a “baby” voice..it’s annoying..HAHA!

  18. I also loved the cute little bob that Sarah Marie posted and I think your bangs would look SUPER cute grown out and styled sideswept. I was SO glad when I went from no bangs at all to side swept, I know my forehead must have looked huge to people!

  19. I think for something different you shoul grow out your bangs. I do not think your hair looks unhealthy at alllll. But if you would like something different I think your hair would like nice short too :). But the bangs will def. give you a different look!

  20. Do the Victoria Beckham look. A-line cut. I loved it and it was super low maintenance (and it looks GREAT when it grows out) You can go as short or as long as you want. :)

  21. I dig your hair the way it is but I totally agree on the scraggles, I have scraggles as well and I want to stab them in the face. You see the difficulty with that, I’m sure. My thing is, I definitely need a haircut to kill off the scraggles. I think I still want to grow it long, I keep reminding myself that shorter hair comes with one to maaaaybe five really cute styles and that is just it, but longer has more possibilities. Plus then I see bloggers like you or um, what was it, Happy Together? I think she has super long hair too? And I just love long brown hair.
    I think look at pictures of yourself with different hair lengths before you decide. Whenever I get a hankering to dye my hair I look through pictures and no matter what my poorly lit bathroom tells me, my natural color is gorg. And I look through my old haircuts I used to luuurve and I’m kinda like ‘ew’. So, long stays strong, for now.

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