A Little Birthday Recap

First of all, THANK YOU for all the sweet birthday wishes! You are all my favorites, seriously. Love you!

Morgan and some cupcakes

Saturday night some of the sweetest, most hilar ladies took me out to sushi for my birthday. I say ‘sushi’ because I like to think it makes me sound cooler than I am, when I really only ate a California Roll. I’m a wimp. Oh, but I did try one really delicious cream cheese thing that Jimaie ordered, that later gave my lactose-intolerant self a 2nd trimester status, gas baby belly.

Anyway, our first waitress at the restaurant was a total B and hated us because we were all cute and charming and getting all the attention (or something), but thankfully she switched out with a nice little girl resembling Charlotte from Sex and the City and we liked her much better.

Umm… What was I talking about again?

me nat

Me and Natali!

Sarah Jimaie Alyssa

Sarah, Jimaie & Alyssa!

me steph

Steph Corwin!

See? The cutest.

After dinner we went back to Sarah’s place, where all our husbands were camped out in front of the tv playing video games. Now don’t let that statement fool you…  they’re actually all pretty hot and hilarious themselves.  Sorry, no real pictures exist as proof. This is the closest I could get:


My friends obviously took my advice from my last post, and made sure to shower me with plenty of gifts and attention. And rainbow chip cupcakes (the way to my heart). Oh, and I seriously received 3 bags of hot cheetos (thanks Justin, Sarah and Jimaie)… these people KNOW me.

Morgan gifts

My new favorite clutch from Natti. LOVE. (Pardon the raptor claw)

Long story short, my friends are ZE BAYST.

17 thoughts on “A Little Birthday Recap

  1. aw, that first picture of you with the cupcakes is pretty much the cutest ever. I loves it!!

    Sounds like your birthday was just perfect and wonderful, yay!!! You do have some lovely friends there, for sure. HI LADIES.

    you looked quite fabulous, and gorgeous, and beautiful…. and not at ALL in the least little bit even slightly older or wrinkly.

  2. I love your outfit! You were all so darling!! What a lovely birthday event!!! I hate when I get a hecka jealous server!….that totally happens to me all the time… ( sigh and hair flip)

  3. Yay! So much fun, and yes the Charlotte waitress was much nicer than the other one.

    Only Morgan would have birthday photos up two days after her birthday.. and Maddie’s birthday?? … ;) juuuust kidding.

  4. i would prolly be a jealous b if i was your all’s waitress, too. :(

    at least i can admit it tho, right?!

    nothing beats good friends and nerdy husbands :)

  5. Yay! Your birthday was so fun! I’m glad Jimaie forced you to celebrate. Ha.

    I loved your writeup! You are too hilarious, woman! Omg, I died at your picture of the guys! Ha! Sooo funny!

    You looked gorgeous! I love your new top! And that clutch is SO you! How funny all three of us got you hot cheetos! I didn’t know Jimaie was going to buy them too! We know our Morgan too well! :)

    Let’s do this again, soon!

  6. omg. I freaking laughed out loud at the picture of the guys hahaha!!! YES.
    I love that you are the hot cheeto queen, whenever i buy them now i can’t help but thinking of you, which is pretty damn awesome.
    Hooray for birthday celebrations! See? Getting old is fun!!!
    or something;) lol!

  7. Awww! I’m glad it was a good day:) Any day that has cupcakes, sushi and clutches is a good one in my book!

    You look radiant:)

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