Nap Time: Tea and Trash

Now that Justin is making a smidge more money with his new job (!!!), I’ve been able to cut back on some time at my office. PRAISE JESUS, I say. Staying home on Monday and Friday afternoons is giving me a little extra time with Madeline, which has been so flipping fabulous, I could cry. I needed more time with my baby.

We’ve been spending those days playing with all her creepy dolls, she helps me cook and clean (meaning, she follows me around and screams at the vacuum cleaner when it starts to drown out Yo Gabba Gabba) & have just been having fun being silly together.

During her afternoon nap however, it’s me time, and during me time I mean business.  With a few hours of peace and quiet and with no husband there to judge me, I make myself a nice cup of tea and bust out my cheesy teen vampire books, celeb gossip magazines and yes, Cosmo. I am indeed the sheltered 15 year old Morgan of yesteryear during nap time, and I’m loving it.


23 thoughts on “Nap Time: Tea and Trash

  1. First things first. New Blog Layout? LOVE it! Now that we have said that…yay! For more time at home…and doing what you love with you who love!

  2. Yeah this awesome reading favorite gossip magazines while drinking tea. Sometimes we have to give ourselves a break. For me every week end I spend my week end days with my daughter playing with her, telling story before she sleep and cooking her favorite pan cakes.

  3. oh, YES! D: <3 There is nothing more happy-groan-worthy than sinking into a good (cheesy teen romance) book with a hot beverage with nobody around to give you judgey eyes.

  4. I Love your new blog layout! Yay for your new mommy time and me time!!! Can we add some Mrs. Dixon time on Fridays too? I will be getting them off soon! Hehehe! We could start training Madelyn on how our shenanigans!

  5. The new design looks amazing! Good job Justin! And I’m so glad you’re able to get your stay at home mom time, even if it’s just a couple times a week. It’s like you get the best of both worlds! You get to get dressed and go to work, but you still get some quality time at home. :) Perfect!

  6. nap time keeps your sanity! hope you never get to the anti-nap days. blerg. so not fun!

    nice jub hubby on the redecorating around here! it looks fabulous!

  7. heeeeeyy i have those litte flowery candle things! the exact ones! in three different colors. MATCHERS!

  8. Oh!! There’s your anthro teacup!!
    I need to go get one. Like now. Why didn’t I buy one today?

    I am so happy for you! I know how badly you’ve been wanting to be at home with Maddie so when you announced you’d get off early on these days I was giddy for you! I need to get in on this reading of other Vampirey teen sagas. This summer when I’m off school I think I shall! And borrow yours of course, so get to readin! ;)

  9. Aw, I’m so thrilled to hear you’re getting more behbeh time! I know it must be tough on you to be at work most of the week. Why can’t we all just stay at home and make pies like they did in the olden days? Psh. Of course, I’ve never made a pie, so in my case it would be something along the lines of a Hot Pocket. Sad, really.

    And I definitely can’t judge your teenage vampire novel fixation. You need to email me your recommendations, ASAP. I need my fix!

  10. Congrats on getting to work half days on Mondays & Fridays! That’s SO wonderful! And I’m sooo jealous! I know Maddie must be such a happy girlie to spend time with her mama — and I’m glad that you get to have Morgan time too!

    I have that Anthro teacup too! Love it!

    p.s. Have I already told you that I adore your bloggy redesign? It’s perfect! Oh, so pretty! Three cheers for Justin!

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