23 thoughts on “Oh, No She Didn’t – Charlize Theron

  1. I was watching the red carpet show and was AMAZED that they were saying it was such a beautiful dress!! I didn’t see ANY of the dress, cause I was to busy staring at her bazoombas!!

  2. I died over this one. That they liked it??? And that they loved the “Precious” dress. Really lets just be honest. HIDEOUSNESS.

  3. well now. that is rather unfortunate, isn’t it? haha.

    YES’m, I’m doing the lovely package exchange and I’m SO excited!! (and oddly, a bit nervous because what if mine isn’t pretty enough??? hehe)
    Are you taking part in it too??

  4. now now, it’s like a bumpit, but for your boobies! Volume = cool no matter what, right? *pause* *snort*
    no, i didn’t think so either.

  5. It really is an awkward mess–if only the rosettes went all the way across. That would be a touch more acceptable!

  6. Too funny….my dad always called them Jahoobies…maybe we’re 5th cousins or something. Love the flower tutorials as well :)

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