Scarlet Hair Pin Giveaway

My lovely cousin Shea is giving away one of my hair pins! Go on over to Life with the Lieders and leave a comment on her post. She’ll choose the winner next Monday.

Just a warning: If all you sweeties don’t enter this giveaway and there end up being like, 5 entries, I will have the MAJOR sads and probably a dramatic meltdown because that is just lame. I don’t like to cry, so let’s aim for at least 50! GO!

(Please.) :)

Also, did you see this adorable new blog design I have going on? Major props to my husband for the amazing job! And I didn’t even have to bug him to do it for me. 800 times.

17 thoughts on “Scarlet Hair Pin Giveaway

  1. LOVE! Your husband is awesome. Can I hire him out? Jk. No, actually I’m serious.

    Note: all of that pertains to BLOG DESIGN only. In case you were wondering. Because it sounds weird, doesn’t it?

    And, I’m going to stop typing now.

    But if he would ever want to design a blog layout for me? Let me know. Okay bye :)

  2. I love this type of hair clip, I even got some satin from my grandma’s stash to try and make one. Winning one would be even better!

  3. I changed my mind and even tho I own like 6 or 8 of your clips I’ve decided I NEED MORE.
    What? I like the pretty beads in the middle of this one!

  4. love the new layout… it’s adorable :)
    and this giveaway is to die for! like seriously! i could use a little flower happiness in my life right now. and if by some glorious chance i won, i’d probably end up spraying some fantastic smelling perfume on it so that i could lean down and smell my pretty flower :)
    thanks for the giveaway!

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