My husband’s man crush intimidates me a little.


Does your husband/boyfriend have a man crush or is it just mine?

I don’t know what it is, but it seems like any show or movie that David Boreanaz appears in (all three of them), Justin will become obsessed with. Obsessed, as in will watch all the seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a small tiny little window in the corner of his monitor while “working”. That show is chock full of cheese, but pfft… he doesn’t care.

Same goes with Bones. We started watching that show when I was pregnant with Maddie and I was into it for a while, but what the heck, man? Bones and Booth were taking FAR too long to profess their undying love for one another and I just don’t have the patience for that kind of thing. (My shows must involve lots of kissing for me to stay interested. Kissing and an absence of slimy decomposing corpses. Just saying.) Justin is still watching it after I’ve long given up, and that kind of commitment can only mean one thing…

Okay, okay. It could actually mean a few things.

1) That he truly enjoys these frustrating shows like everyone else does (false)

2) That he’s interested in all the hot women in these shows (false)

3) He has a man crush on David Boreanaz. (TRUTH)

I choose number 3 because it gives me something to analyze unnecessarily and I really love making drama out of nothing… ask my friends because it’s TRUE. Let’s break this down.

In Angel and Buffy, David plays a vampire who has a soul and slays mean demon creatures. Or something. In Bones he is an FBI detective who solves murder mysteries, wields a gun, is hot and wears funny socks. Impressed? So am I.


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  1. omg me and my mom had a conversation tonight about booth and bones and when are they ever going to "hook Up" already!! but i must agree with ur husband on this, he is yummy!!

  2. Lols X a million. Surely your hubs must have a man crush. Now to to get further to the bottom of this, does he like love him? Or does he like want to BE him? lol

  3. hahaha!

    My husband admitted to me his man crush on Mark Anthony! I’m the furthest thing from a Spanish man so it’s a little disturbing… luckily he seems to think I’m pretty cute too.

  4. Kristy: I have no idea. I think he wants to be him? It’s hard to say… I kind of made it all up. lol

    Micaela: I seriously cracked up laughing right now and drew attention to myself. That is SO hilarious!!

    Tristan: Burt was hot in the 80’s. Okay, maybe he wasn’t. lol

  5. i was just thinking of writing a post on this!!!! my husband has a man crush on john locke from lost. he’s totally obsesssssed with terry o’quinn and talks about him. it’s borderline embarrassing. nope, just embarrassing.

  6. My boyfriend has a man crush on … get ready … Morgan Freeman.
    His favorite thing about him? His voice.
    It’s kind of the weirdest thing I’ve ever discovered about my boyfriend, I think, but I’ve learned to live with it.

  7. Your husband has good taste! David Boreanaz is a sexy, sexy, sexy man! I got right into Buffy and Angel just because he is so damn hot. I think my man might have crush on him too, he’s obsessed with Angel. But, he has other man crushes, Shiloh LeaBeouf, Matthew Mcconaughey and there’s someone else but this early morning is making me have a hard time remembering. Men get so obsessed with guys, I find it really funny when they get man crushes!

  8. Sonya, omg there’s a man that comes in to where I work who SPEAKS just like Morgan Freeman. If he were lighter skinned and had those freckles Morgan Freeman has – I’d totally say it was him!

    Ohhh yeah. My boyfriend loves Clint Eastwood movies, and I can totally understand where he’s coming from (only watching a few movies he’s starred in: Million Dollar Baby & Gran Torino)… I LOVE his bitter old man personality, it just cracks me up. I swear, the BF is totally going to be like Clint when he’s old and gray.

  9. I’m SOOOOOO glad you wrote this! My husband TOTALLY has several man crushes. Kobe Bryant and Matt Ryan, to name a few.
    Sometimes, it creeps me out. A lot.

  10. Cale + Tiger = l-o-v-e. But at least he’s loyal.. Sticking with him after all the affairs. He’s still Tiger’s #1 fan all the way.

  11. That shit ain’t right. You crack me up! I always thought he looked kinda neaderthull-ish….with his heavy brow bone. Meh?

  12. My husband doesn’t have a man crush that I know of. Now I feel like I married some abnormal manfreak, hmm.
    Also? I hovered my mouse over the second picture and started cracking up. You’re hilarious. hilarioussssssss.

  13. I went through a MAJOR David Boreanaz phase. Even before Angel! I understand where your husband’s coming from! :)

  14. omg me and my mom had a conversation tonight about booth and bones and when are they ever going to "hook Up" already!! but i must agree with ur husband on this, he is yummy!!

  15. omg me and my mom had a conversation tonight about booth and bones and when are they ever going to "hook Up" already!! but i must agree with ur husband on this, he is y

  16. Wow in that last picture he looks kind of like Jason Segel, lol. Hmm I don’t know what to say about this, JUSTIN! I don’t know if Chris has any man crushes, maybe Eminem? LOL

  17. Really funny! I didn’t thought that man would have a crush with a man lol! Well I think there’s nothing wrong with this. Maybe your hubby admires the way his crush carries himself. I think it’s more on idolizing not a crush hahahaha!

  18. My boyfriend wishes that he was Jack Bauer…not Keifer Sutherland, but the fictional character of Jack Bauer on 24. He doesn’t even call the show ‘twenty-four’, he calls it ‘jack bauer’. As in, “hey’s Monday night, Jack Bauer is on!!!”


  19. I just remembered the other guy since we’re going to see his movie for the man’s birthday tonight, Gerald Butler. not that I mind having to watch movies with him in it, the man is damn sexy

  20. Tell your husband I love him but Angel is a complete P*SSY! I’ve always been on Team Spike. ;)

    That being said – girl I feel you totally on this. My boyfriend I believe has man crushes on two guys I really have always loved since I knew who they were but it wigs me out how much he loves them too.

    #1 Burt Reynolds. He totally idolizes the Bandit. Well I totally wanted to make-out with the Bandit when I was a kid, still do.

    #2 Eddie Vedder – he’s a HUGE Pearl Jam fan. As am I but I think he truly idolized Eddie. I again really wanted to make-out with him (and more because I was finally at an age that I understood what more was) and I want to watch him surf and have him sing to me.

    Seriously though – how do you compete?

  21. Vintage Mint: He has to be Justin’s close 2nd. He thinks he looks like Don Draper sometimes. lol

  22. David Boreanaz nom nom nom. I understand where your hubby’s coming from, too. I watch Bones and love the whole sexual tension bit. Gotta admit, though… I started watching because of a girl-crush on Emily Deschanel. Just sayin’. Don’t tell my hubby, though. ;) hahha

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