“Miss Priss”

Somewhere in my Grammy’s closet there’s a home video of me when I was about six years old. I was dressed in a bright red adult-sized nightgown (who did this belong to, anyway? Mom? I need answers.), an over-sized pink hat, high heels and a long strand of pearls. This was typical attire at Grammy’s house. I was modeling on the ‘catwalk’ (the sidewalk in the front yard), struttin’ my stuff with no shame.

After a few minutes of recording these shenanigans Grammy asks, “And what’s your name, young lady?”  Speaking with a heavy lisp and a lot of sass, I reply, “Miss Priss.”

I was a little ridiculous.

Until I find that video to show you all, here’s a little dose of vintage Morgan in all her chubby glory.

I’m not exactly sure how prissy it is to jump around in the mud with no pants on like a disheveled little hobo, but do you see that Jesus shirt? That little girl knew what was up.

17 thoughts on ““Miss Priss”

  1. If you ever find that video, I’ve got it all set up to convert videos on my mac… you know.. just an offer :) I think that would make my day.. nay, month.

    and where’s the obligatory caution against confusing misspriss.com with mrspriss.com? haha

  2. Oh how adorable, and a little bit cheeky too – jumping in mud was my forté… and eating it too but that’s a whole other story.

  3. i’m having the best flash back to your school picture. it was THE best thing. ever. this is pretty grand as well… ps my grandma is “grammy” too. this is getting spooky… ;p

  4. We have a video like that of me, wearing a hot pink fringe and sequin skirt, a hot pink bib with sequins, gold sequin arm warmers, and hot pink stilettos. Good taste is forever.

  5. I absolutely love your blog! This is too cute! I always hear my mom talking about my Madonna days but we don’t have any pics :( That shirt is the business!

  6. eeeep, you are TOO CUTE in that photo!!! It’s absolute perfection, Jesus tee and all. :)

    I’ll be anxiously awaiting that video.

    ps. Guess who just had to go to “misspriss.com” after reading Steph’s comment? Ahem. I shall never be curious again. My eyesssssssss!!!!!!

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