So, apparently you guys enjoy stories about baby turds.

I was up 500 visits more than normal in one day thanks to my last post. You guys are sick. (And my kind of people!)

Some of your comments were absolutely hilarious though, I have to say.

I used to have a poop scoop handy in the bathroom. The worst is when it breaks apart into a million pieces of medium sized poop chunks. Too big to go down the drain, but too small to easily scoop. Fun times. Ugh. — Kourtni

Now Malachi on the other hand? He was our champion tub pooper and TJ never ever cleans it b/c he’ll throw up. Even if I’m away when it happens…I come home, the tub is drained and there are MUSHY turds awaiting me. He’s the best. — jimaiemarie

I still remember taking a bath with my little sister and seeing some turds float by the legos. It was mega gross. — At Least I’m Skinny

I DIED. Go back and read through the rest of those comments… I promise you’ll laugh. And probably gag a little.

Madeline Bathtub Update:

She did it again tonight. Another army for Mama to fish out. I will surely die if this becomes a regular thing.


18 thoughts on “So, apparently you guys enjoy stories about baby turds.

  1. I might die or vom. I’m not sure which one yet. Also, my brother did this in the kiddie pool on the regular. He’d go in his swim diaper, then take it off to free the crap. Amazing.

  2. what? that sweet little girl? no…. I can’t believe it.

    actually, I can. It’s always the cute ones who do horrific things like poop turds in the tub.

    You might want to invest in a special slotted spoon.

  3. Oh my god. I hope that it doesn’t turn into a regular occurence! My little brother pooped in the bathtub once when he was a toddler and saw it and was scared…he thought that his poo was a monster that was going to get him!!! He was trying to crawl up the side of the tub screaming and crying :)

  4. You want a poop story? I’ve got one for you. When my oldest son was a toddler, I decided for the first time to throw him in the tub while I took a shower. I was in a rush to get ready for a party and I’d heard from friends that they did that all the time with their kids. I stopped up the tub and let it fill up while I showered and he played at the other end of the tub. Oh, and I wear glasses and am completely blind without them. So yes, towards the end of my shower, I notice something that I didn’t recognize among the toys floating by my feet and PICKED IT UP. Of course it was a huge turd!! I screamed and dropped it and quickly ended my shower, got my son out of the tub, fished out the turd with something and flushed it. I have never ever since then showered with my kids again!! And I’d NEVER recommend it! ::shudder::

  5. Just say thank you to jesus that this was a nautical adventure. The scarriest poop stories happen on land… believe me… :l

  6. Oh she has totally declared war on you….You should shadoobi in her bed to get back at her, see how she likes that. lol

    P.S .This picture of her is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  7. OMG THIS SHIT IS HILARIOUS! literally! ….ya know, of all the times I’ve wished I were pregnant, I don’t think I ever once thought that if it actually happened, I’d have to clean poop out of the tub. hmmm. second thoughts maybe. lololol!!!! happy friday!

  8. YAY! I was quoted! I feel so special. And the fact that it’s about poop- -priceless!!!

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