My New Apron

On Easter, my Great-Grandma Mary Jo gives all the grandkids a basket filled with candy and other goodies. This year I opened mine and found a pretty little apron and I immediately fell in love with it. It has a vintage look with a pretty floral print and is just so feminine… I could seriously die from the cuteness.

When I went to give Grandma a hug and tell her thank you, she said it was her apron from years and years ago and she wanted me to have it. How sweet was that??

So yesterday, I pranced around the house in the cute little thing while doing all my chores. Cooking and cleaning is quite enjoyable when you’re feeling a little fancy.

18 thoughts on “My New Apron

  1. You look very cute with that apron on and I’m sure that you feel very nice too!! So… what else to say that: enjoy your chores! :)

  2. this is so weird….I swear you’re my american double! My grandma has just finished making me an amazing apron from laura ashley fabric it has heart shaped pockets! it was a belated birthday present but I got it at easter xx

  3. I love aprons. I bought one for myself a couple of years ago that has a tag inside that says, “Why be dirty when you can be flirty?”

    What a sweet memory you’ve made here :) Love it!

  4. I was JUST shopping for such an apron today! Yours is way cuter than anything I found though, and has a TOTALLY AWESOME HERITAGE behind it.

    Also, I was looking for one so I could do a photoshoot in it while wearing nothing else. And I doubt your grandmother would approve.

    Mine would, but she’s also demented.

  5. such a sweet apron. And even sweeter because of the heritage behind it. I adore things like that.

    you look just perfect in it, darling :)

  6. That is really special. I love vintage stuff that you would love anyway, but then you find out it has sentimental value and you just adore it that much more! Beautiful!

    PS You look like Zoey Deschanel in this photo.

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