Photoshoot Fail

Last weekend, the three of us went on a little family date to Chili’s and Target because we are high class and fancy like that.   On our way out of the apartment I stopped and announced, “WE ALL LOOK CUTE!” and promptly ran back inside to grab the camera in order to document this. It’s a rarity that 3/3 of us look put together at the same time because someone (MADDIE) usually manages to get dirt and food and other miscellaneous disgustings all over their clothes.

Okay okay, I’m guilty of that too. Anyway.

OMG CUTE PHOTOSHOOT TIME!… except not. It totally didn’t work out as I’d dreamed and we ended up with some pretty ridiculous pictures. I’m not even going to show you the horrid ones of myself because my nostrils are freakishly flared in a few of them and I have no idea what’s going on, but they are absolutely hideous and you would pass out from fear if you saw them. So, you and your precious eyes are welcome.

Someone's zoning out & someone else's hair is scragglemeister.
Trying to escape...
She was thrilled by this point. Just beaming with joy.

I suppose we did get a few cute ones after all.

18 thoughts on “Photoshoot Fail

  1. Things I’m dying over: her little sweater! her little hat! how cute you look in red! and OMG that last picture!

  2. You guys didn’t all just look cute, you were coordinating to boot!! (i really don’t know why i just said “to boot”)

    How darling is Maddie’s outfit?! I can’t stand that little red hat on herrrrrr!!! You guys are a pretty family. Well, you & Maddie are pretty & sweet, Justin is…handsome and manly?
    Ok, this comment just got awkward really fast. Bye.

  3. I know exactly how it goes. Every time I have big plans for cute family pictures it’s always a fail. Annoying!

    You are so pretty!!

  4. I lovvvvveee all of the cheeseball faces maddie makes.

    i also love that her diaper butt is causing her pants to pucker at the top in the 1st to last picture with justin. tooooo efffing cuuuuute.

    :::waves from north carolina:::

  5. oh and praise jesus that someones husband dresses like mine.

    hai justin!

    i’m so tired of the “pleated pants and the tooooo big button down shirt” husbands, that everyone else has.

  6. Ahhh your hair looks super cute!

    And Maddie’s hat…LOVE!!

    And that last pic of Daddy and his little angel…MUST frame that one!

  7. Whew! I’ve had a busy week, so I just finished catching up on your blog. Have I told you lately that you’re friggin’ adorable? ‘Cause you are! Love the photos! Maddie looks so cute in her little knit beanie!

  8. lol! too cute! one of my first posts was along these same lines…now, wait until you have 4 monsters all running in different directions and you’re trying to have everyonelookingcuteandfacinginthesamedirectionandnoDON’TEATTHEDIRTFROMTHEFLOWERPOTjustlookatthecameraandNODON’TMAKETHATFACE….you get the drift…you’ll learn to love these pics. :0)
    Love your blog–I’m a new follower!

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