Huggies Jeans Diapers – for real.

Remember back in September when I hosted a giveaway for 3 months of Huggies diapers, then took a nice little trip to New York courtesy of Huggies, and was able to meet a ton of awesome bloggers and Angie Harmon, whom my husband now has a substantial crush on and it’s totally natural because she’s flipping gorgeous?


Well, Huggies was amazing enough to let me try out one of their new products again.  I’m sort of in love with them because they’re a little silly and a lot cute. Are you ready for this?

Did you just die? Because I’m seriously laying on the floor dead right now. JEANS DIAPERS.

Huggies is already my fave-fave-favorite brand as it is being that they’re the only disposable diapers I’ve found that never leak. Now they have a jeans print on them and sort of resemble Daisy Dukes aaaaaaaaaaaaand I just died again.

Okay, sorry I let her bottom sag in this photo, but do you get what I’m saying? Daisy Dukes.

Not that I’d let her run around in public in just a diaper, but isn’t it a little less obvious being that they’re not white?  I love it.

I’m curious what you all think… Would you put your little one in some diapers like these?

50 thoughts on “Huggies Jeans Diapers – for real.

  1. Girlfriend, if you’re dying over jean-print disposables, I cannot imagine how much you would die over all the ADORABLE cloth diapers!!!

  2. Those have to be one of the cutest things EVER. little miss is allergic to everything but pampers :(..maybe they’ll jump on this wagon too!

  3. I’m getting so very close to being rid of diapers in my house, so me using them personally wouldn’t happen. but, I would so buy these as baby shower gifts for sure!

  4. I used to use Pampers, but Huggies are sooooooooo much better. Those are funny but can be functional, less obvious too especially if the babe is wearing Jeans.

  5. I’ll admit I thought “WTF?” when I read the title of your post, but after seeing the pics of Maddie wearing them they’re actually pretty darn cute! If I had a little girl I would definitely try them out. Not so sure about a little boy though…

  6. Ha ha. I’m thinking these were definitely made more for little girls than boys because they look like the little bloomers underneath their dresses. Either way, I don’t have to worry about it because my son wears cloth diapers. I do however, use Huggies, when we go on a road trip were I won’t be able to wash his diapers and we love the fact that they don’t leak!

  7. I agree with Emily that you’d love to see your girl in cloth diapers if you think these are cute! I don’t put pants on my son sometimes because his cloth diaper cover is just so fun and hilarious looking.

    We do use only Huggies when we travel or the like, so I think I’d buy these LM if they were on the shelf next to the rest!

  8. ohhhhhhh, SO CUTE!!!!! I agree, that’s probably the cutest diaper model ever right there. These diapers make me go “aw”, and they also make me laugh a little bit. Teehee. Jean diapers! Who’d a thunk??

    I hate to say it, but I TOTALLY thought of Tobias too… lol

  9. Those are so funny! I do have to wonder if these will go the way of the black pantiliners (do you remember those?) and quickly run its course. But the jeans diaper is really cute!

  10. Awww a little boy at the nursery I work in wears these – I can’t help but be annoyed by them though as they are pull -ups and in a run of 8 – 12 nappies pull -ups are NOT good news! plus they only really catch accidents and so are only good if you’re having to take them to the potty regularly or for sleep. Okay I just realised being a nursery nurse has made me bitter – I’ve seen it all now there’ll be no suprises when I have my own x

  11. i swear to the almighty maker of jeans that i saw a grown woman wearing these things in target the other day (minus the absorbent padding that is). it was scarring. i wish your eyes could have seen the horrible attack on all mankind yourself. it was blog worthy.

  12. I just found your blog and I am having a blast reading about all your antics! These diapers would be great under a dress or miniskirt that didn’t have bloomers to match. I’d buy them if I still had a baby girl.

  13. those are so cute!
    i would totally use those with a dress that didnt come with a diaper cover or something like that…

  14. These are GREAT! :) How cute. I saw first on your blog and your daughter is precious with her DiaperDaisyDuke​s on :) They'd be an easy outfit for the Fourth of July! Stick 'em under a dress and you don't even have to deal with the bloomers when you change her diaper!

  15. These are GREAT! :) How cute. I saw first on your blog and your daughter is precious with her DiaperDaisyDukes on :) They'd be an easy outfit for the Fourth of July! Stick 'em under a dress and you don't even have to deal with the bloomers when you change her diaper!

  16. They are coming out in June. I bought some LM at Target yesterday, and some register coupons printed that said “Huggies Jeans coming in June.”

  17. If you guys want the ORIGINAL cute jean diapers then you should look at Cloth Diapers !!!! You guys would die from the cuteness of some of the prints and frills you can get. Check out Hyena cart.

    This is a cheap attempt to copy them because these companies know CD’s are starting to gain momentum. Cloth diapers have come a long way and you will be surprised to learn how even cute they are. Not to mention better for the enviornment and not full of chemicals.

  18. Seriously?

    I agree, if you think these are cute you should really try cloth. I HATE putting disposables on my daughter now because the cloth is so much cuter and better for her skin. It’s way way easier than you might think it is!!!!

  19. I just bought them for my little boy, yes I said boy because they are quite adorable. But think, put these on him on a hot day with nothing else in the yard….perfect!

  20. Very cute little girl in adorable picture. But wondering are these diapers more biodegradable than the other disposable diapers? Considering the following information maybe diaper companies should be looking for ways to make disposable diapers more environmentally friendly and natural than just “cute”. Just a thought it is only my opinion.

  21. NO. I would not.
    Not only are these the most trailer park lollipop twat whore-fits I’ve ever seen. They are terrible for the environment. Here people are trying to reduce waste by using cloth, and washing it like intelligent people. And Wal-Mart is advertising this shit to prostitutes.

    You’re daughters cute, and I understand that you’re probably looking at this from a different perspective, but they need to go.

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