Jr. High Flashback (we were so freaking weird.)

I was just discussing a matter with my friend Jimaie that made me laugh and I felt the need to share with you all. Feel free to join in the ridicule and laugh at/with us.

Back in junior high, there were some pretty ridiculously weird trends that we all thought were SO amazing. I don’t know who came up with some of this stuff, but they caught on like mad and before you knew it you’d be seeing everyone doing weird stuff like wearing pacifiers around their neck as jewelry. Or drawing all over their JanSport backpack straps with white out pen. Or slapping a crap load of body glitter on their face.

Actually, I can remember putting some silvery-purple glitter on my eyelids one time and thinking I looked like some sort of glamorous fairy… WHAT.

I probably would have liked this look back in Jr. High. Not even kidding. I was a body glitter addict of epic proportions.

Soooooo, does anyone remember those strappy, clunky brown sandals?

WHY did 13 year old girls like these terrifying things? We seriously ALL had these messes on our feet, clomping around like we were following Moses through the desert. Please explain.

And then, there was the whole Hello Kitty thing. You had to have the mechanical pencils with the characters on top, erasers, notebooks, the works. Except it wasn’t cool to ONLY have Hello Kitty on all your stuff… you had to mix it up and have stuff with all her friends. Like the frog with the freaky bug eyes and the emo bat thing that wanted to kill the world.

(And yes, I do know all their names, but I don’t want to send you into shock with my coolness right now.)

Feel free to memorize all the characters and learn to draw them on your JanSport backpacks in white out pen if you want extra awesome points.

Do you guys remember any these? What did you and your friends do that you now look back on with shame and confusion?

78 thoughts on “Jr. High Flashback (we were so freaking weird.)

  1. OMG flashback for sure! Plus i remember dark lip gloss/lipstick!​…why!?…ew! haha. I not only remember those brown sandlas, because I have to fess up that I had some, but what about those platform tennis shoe things that some girls wore? I think they were the brand SODA…WOWzerz!

  2. IZONE camera, blue/purple mascara, putting little stickers on the corners of your eyes, tech decks, the payless platform shoes- i'm just speaking from what i witnessed… i was so uncool :(

  3. Ashley, I totally remember those! lol!Rachel, stickers on the corners of your eyes and the payless platform shoes just killed me. I completely forgot about the platforms, but I had them and wore them for like, 3 years. It was the closest I could get to Spice Girl-esque shoes and I milked them for all they were worth.

  4. OMG Sailor Moon. i had completely 100 percent forgotten about that until now.i know i'm a tiny bit older, {and i already commented on the blog, but what the heck} but in junior high we used to pin the bottoms of our jeans tight with safety pins. 3 pins, parallel to the hem, and they had to be JUST right. i remember when my mom tried to help and put them up-and-down instead of sideways, and i was like " oh, mom…{shakes head}"

  5. OMG Sailor Moon. i had completely 100 percent forgotten about that until now.i know i'm a tiny bit older, {and i already commented on the blog, but what the heck} but in junior high we used to pin the bottoms of our jeans tight with safety pins. 3 pins, parallel to the hem, and they had to be JUST right. i remember when my mom tried to help and put them up-and-down instead of sideways, and i was like " oh, mom…{shakes head}"

  6. OMG Sailor Moon. i had completely 100 percent forgotten about that until now.i know i'm a tiny bit older, {and i already commented on the blog, but what the heck} but in junior high we used to pin the bottoms of our jeans tight with safety pins. 3 pins, parallel to the hem, and they had to be JUST right. i remember when my mom tried to help and put them up-and-down instead of sideways, and i was like " oh, mom…{shakes head}"

  7. OMG flashback for sure! Plus i remember dark lip gloss/lipstick!…why!?…ew! haha. I not only remember those brown sandlas, because I have to fess up that I had some, but what about those platform tennis shoe things that some girls wore? I think they were the brand SODA…WOWzerz!

  8. OMG, I worked at Claire’s in college, so I had access to all sorts of madness. I can’t believe how in love I was with WHITE EYELINER and GLITTER ON MY EYELIDS – at the same time! Gah!

    My friends and I were each obsessed with some sort of brand icon/movie/movie characters. Mine was Beauty & The Beast. I’ve seen it more than 30+, and I have a fairly large collection of movie memorabilia. Yikes.

    And, um, I kinda wish it were still ok to wear Birkenstocks. I loved my pair with the strap in the back.

  9. I totally remember all of that stuff. I too was a body glitter addict and I still love the stuff, although I no longer wear it. I wish I could get away with it. My Hello Kitty character was Pippo. Everyone had to have stuff from different ones. And I totally had the Doc Martens. ‘sigh’

  10. Nanette: OMG, yes! The white liner! And it was seriously my dream to work at Claire’s.

    Alyssa: I wasn’t cool enough to own an actual crimper, so I braided mine and slept on it. lol

    Windsor Grace: Good times, right? I had glitter in every color and my mom HATED it.

  11. So you are a few years behind me, so I don’t know about the whole glitter or Hello Kitty thing. But the sandals, I had them, and LOVED them! That’s so funny to look back now.

  12. Omg, I had those doc marten sandals (plus 8 other doc marten shoes). I’d like to say I think I got a really good work out back in JR high school because they were so heavy!!

  13. OMGGGG, those shoes smelled SO FREAKING NASTY but everyone HAD to have them so we all just pretended the smell didn’t exist LMAO!! holy cow. So ridic.

    I remember the glitter gel would feel SO sticky on my eyelids so I would have to close my eyes and fan and fan and keep fanning until it finally dried to be able to open my eyes without them sticking and sometimes it would flake but none of that mattered b/c I looked like a freaking fantasy fairy princess….or so I thought. Did you put it on the corners of your eyelids too? And all over your chest and shoudlers? Yesssss.
    Then when we outgrew that we discovered glitter powder at Claire’s and doused ourselves in that ridiculousness. As adults we think we’re slick changing the color and calling it “bronzer” but let’s get real, it all goes back to the sparkles and wanting to be exotic princess queens.

  14. Oh my. – loved glitter but my mom wouldn’t buy it for me. And the kids w/ the pacis and toys around their necks were called ravers or groovers haha but I went to school in Los Angeles county and those junior highs were scarrrrrrrry!

  15. morgan, you crack me up.
    YES i remember having those sandals and LOVING them. the pacifier necklace thing too.
    a few more:
    – “blossom” hats (like the tv show) -ick
    – thigh-high tights with the lace tops a la clueless
    – overalls with only one side done up

    what were we thinking?!?

  16. OMG Hello Kitty… so I only liked Pochacco.. and I was obsessed with the bendable pencils. I thought they were the COOLEST things ever.

    and then I had my entire backpack pencil pouch FILLED with colorful gel pens. I even still have a few stragglers in my office at home.. though I don’t think any of them work anymore.

  17. idk how this ever caught on, but we had knee high socks and we wore them with freakin everything… but especially with my adidas sandals and birkenstocks.
    and i loved loved loved my white eyeliner and light baby blue glitter eyeliner.
    and baby t’s. oh man, i had a ton of these- smiley face ones, ones that said crap like “angel”.
    it was so bad, i hide all pictures of me from grades 7-9. my hubs and i just got married and none from this time period made it into the slideshow.

  18. So, one time, I rocked what I considered a tasteful amount of body glitter TO CHURCH. My mom works there, and I arrived and she was like WHATTTTTTT? Awful. I also had those brown sandals. Yessss.

    I loved Jimaie’s reminder of Nano Pets, as I was wholly devoted to mine.

    This took me back! LOVE IT.

  19. K, I think this is my first time commenting, but I love your blog, read it all the time. :)
    I was laughing so hard at this post…glitter makeup? Yes please. I was all over that in Jr High and probably looked like a hot mess. And the sandals?! Had them, loved them, wore them everywhere. Whew. Looking back now I’m just…amazed. Too funny. The hair crimping too…muhaha, good memories. ;)

  20. This has definitely taken me back. I remember white-out pens vividly, though my mother would have KILLED me had I written on mine, so instead I just sewed a Mighty Mouse patch on it. My binders, however…were covered in white out.

    My mom was super conservative when it came to appearance, so I was not a participant in the glitter/eyeliner phase though I wanted to partake SO BADLY.

    In hindsight, I should probably send my mom a thank you note….

  21. I totally remember all this stuff… a few more:

    -gigantic puffy adult size sport team or adidas jackets
    -huge overalls with tight, striped middriff showing shirts underneath
    -A thin line of bangs curled really huge with tons of aquanet
    -using whiteout as fingernail polish
    -dark blue and brown nail polish
    -Using sparkly/glitter nail polish to decorate things like your calculator
    -eraser burns on the back of your hand (I still have a scar from it, why did we think that was cool?)
    -adidas slide on sandals
    -all things Gavin Rossdale
    -guys: bowl cuts
    -the Macarena

  22. Hi there! Love your blog, never commented before.

    Anyway. I too was victim to the Jesus Cruisers trend (that’s what we called it at Catholic school, at least). In seventh grade, I also desperately NEEDED a pair of Gen-X jeans — you know, the crazy wide-legged ones that covered your shoes and could conceivably fit two of you?

    I paired that look with super dark lipstick and glitter. Because, you know, THAT was a flattering look.

  23. OMG Lisa at the adidas jackets! so true! You would think we lived in Alaska.. not Bakersfield. And the adidas slide sandals (or for us poor folk, the two stripe Mervyn’s fake adidas).. and I remember the whiteout “nail polish” too!

    And then we were all into Roxy and vans shoes.. the huge skateboarding shoes.. did I skate or do anything of the extreme sporting genre? No sir.

  24. I know I’m older than you but I do remember the glitter craze, only I was clubbing at the time not in junior high school *feels SO old*. I recall all the sprays that came with glitter in them ( loved those, especially the ones that smelled like cotton candy)…

    I do remember the “Jerusalem Cruisers” as I call them. I had a pair and man were they heavy!! And they made my feet smell horrible!

    Not sure what we were thinking – at least you were safe from anything that read “You Can’t Touch This” on your butt (junior high for me) OR owning a Vanilla Ice Tshirt ;) hehe

    P.S. I laugh how all the NEON stuff is coming back in – I remember owning LOTS of neon in the 90’s and I always had my toes and faux nails painted NEON ORANGE or PINK!

  25. oh shoot Steph!! hahaha!! I am so glad I’m not the only one who rocked the fake adidas slides, except mine had like 9 stripes and were from Payless lol!
    I was like MOM! I NEED the ones with THREE stripes!

  26. I never got into the drawing on my Jansport back pack {ahem, which I still have!} nor did I understand the Hello Kitty phase. I, however, did have a pair of those sandals. Looking back now, you’re right … what the hell were we thinking??

  27. Ha. I remember all of that stuff. I used to use water on a brush to turn pure glitter into eye liner.. yes pure silver glitter eye liner— hot!

    I also remember the gogo boot with a huge clunky heel fad, what was with the man killer boots at age 12?

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  28. Okay, you guys are killing me with these. I’m sitting here at my desk fully CRACKING UP and drawing unwanted attention, lol.

    Jimaie: I had a collection of Giga-pets, Nano pets and Tamagotchis, all hooked together in a big cluster of crazy. I was a great mother though… I checked them constantly (freak.) because I wanted to see what sort of animal they’d grow up to be. lol

    Shannon: Those knee highs with the lace just threw me back to ’95 right now. I have the sudden urge to watch Clueless.

    Steph: Gel pens. YES. I still have some at my desk at work and leave fancy notes for my coworkers sometimes. Were you at the front desk that time I offered Dr. Welty a sparkly pink one with a fuzzy topper? He wasn’t amused.

    mianpan: I totally remember those socks! They were the coolest at the time, hahaha. And baby tees, omg. The peace signs and happy faces and lame phrases like, “angel” were THE thing. So hilarious!

    Amy: I did the same thing! My mom picked me up after youth group and saw I had plastered purple glitter all over my face and was NOT happy. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup and thought I was being sneaky. :)

    Holly C: Thanks for commenting! Those sandals were hot. Like Jimaie said up there, we continued to wear them even though they made our feet SO rank. So funny!

    Lisa: JTT was my life. I was going to write a post dedicated to him recently, but I must have forgotten. Great memories, with that little guy. Also, the Adidas sandals, omg. The soccer players wore them at my school with knee high socks and I really reeeeeeally wanted to be in that cool club. lol

    Elissa: JESUS CRUISERS! LOL! That made my day, right there. Thanks for introducing yourself, by the way!

  29. okay and then on your chain of giga-pets.. also with the jansport backpack, the insane amount of keychains clipped to the zipper on your backpack.. extra cool if it was some version of a miniaturized game.

    And re the baby tees: I used to get these ones with stick figure girls on it with catchy phrases like “U Go Girl” etc.. damn I was hot.

  30. Kelly: I love all the names people had for those sandals. We called them Jesus Shoes, lol.

    Ashley (wonderful place): I blame The Spice Girls for the man killer shoes.

    Steph: HAHAHA. I had a mini Trouble, complete with the popper thing.

  31. Tenille: Stephanie reminded me of those, yessss! I used to twist sections of my hair back and have like, 7 rows of them across the top of my head. WHAT. ON. EARTH.

  32. Anna, omg. I'm so glad someone from Computech spoke up in these comments because you were actually THERE. Do you remember those Sanrio friendship notebook things? Where we had the stickers and answered all the questions in those little plastic notebooks, then passed it along to the next person? Please tell me you remember this. I'll have to find mine, because I'm pretty sure you answered all my questions. lol

  33. Uggg, those sandals!! My dad left mine outside a hotel room once because they smelled so bad. The next day he bought me a pair of Doc Martens because he said those wouldn’t reek. Haha.

  34. LMAO! I am a few years ahead of some of these but I remember them. I had troll dolls in 6th grade… and made them paper furniture to go on my desk at school.

    I rocked the fake Jnco pants (way wide leg) with the baby tee. My mom wouldn’t buy me the good stuff.

    I did have the butterfly clips in bright colors with a pearl sheen :) and did the twist backs so I looked like an alien.

    I was in cosmo school when I got into the glitter. We went to a hair show and bought them out of it. The cool thing to do was to put dots right under your eyebrows and swirls beside the corners. We were also OBSESED with tight and spikey up-do’s.

  35. THOSE sandals?I definitely remember them. I bought them, took them to Africa, wore them for 1 week came back and never wore them again. But, they did stay in my closet for sentimental reasons. :)

  36. I remember Trapper Keepers; do you guys remember those? & when those became uncool, I was soon the freakazoid girl who used an ancient Trapper Keeper.

    I remember butterfly clips, too; I had so many of those things it’s almost embarrassing. Oh, & glitter. I put glitter all over my eyes, all over my cheeks, all over my nails, all over my lips. EVERYWHERE.

    I remember Furbees. & Tamagotchis. & slap-bracelets. & Lip Smackers. & key-chain competitions (the person with the coolest & most key-chains was THE COOLEST IN SCHOOL).

    Ahh, to be young again. ;]

  37. Glitter was where is was AT baby. I had a roll-on version that I kept with me at all times in my mini kelly green backpack… which was decorated with all kinds of paint, markers, and buttons that said things like “Whatever” and “Normal People Scare Me”…. because you never knew when you were going to have a glitter emergency… must be covered head to toe at all times. And when I was feeling especially cool, I’d make sure to wear SOCKS with my ugly berkinstocks. Let’s not forget the crop top I’d wear under my enormous overalls topped with a boys flannel shirt. The hotness I tell you. =/ I don’t even want to talk about my bangs. They were epic.

  38. major LOLs at everyone’s middle recollections.

    my personal favorites:
    all things sanrio – I was OBSESSED with Keroppi (but I’ve since switched my alliance to the queen bee herself, Hello Kitty)

    all things Lisa Frank – I would devote major amounts of time to lining up my LF stickers, just so, in my LF sticker books

    white eyeliner – I would love to know how this trend managed to saturate the halls of U.S. middle schools everywhere back in the late 90s.

    all things with peace signs, yin/yang symbols.

    glittery butterfly clips with the metal clips – I’m not sure if these were everywhere (this picture is the closest thing I could find to explain what I’m talking about http://www.glitz4girlz.com/user/products/large/con118.jpg) just imagine them more obnoxiously loud colors

    “spice girl shoes” aka chunky platform shoes – I even owned a pair of PLATFORM SNEAKERS.

  39. This is a serious flashback fest, I just have to chime in.
    I was a proud owner of purple glitter butterfly clips that had wings attached to springs so that they “flew” (read: jiggled uncontrollably) whenever you moved. I also owned the clunky sandals, and would actually wear them with white socks because we weren’t allowed to wear open-toed shoes at school! But it was ok, because they were the cool, low cut athletic socks.
    And the fairy-inspired glitter makeup? My fate was sealed by the scene in Ever After where Miss Barrymore shows up to the ball looking like the most gorgeous other-worldly creature ever known. I knew that’s what I wanted to be when I grew up. :)
    A few new ones to throw out there: Boy Bands, “The Sunscreen Song” and Mudd Brand Tee’s and Jeans, with their hand print logo plastered to my back pockets. Ugh.

  40. I remember in my middle school there was a trend with the girls piercing their finger nails lol, chain letters ran rampant.

    Or folding your notes into intricate triangles and squares lol! I can still fold a piece of paper into an arrow!

  41. OMG I DOOOOOO remember those now that you said it!!! Awwww memories haha. I always remember out bus, in the morning, being SUPER packed and sitting 3 to a seat…or 2 people and the partial rear end of another person because that is really all that could fit haha.

  42. ugh ugh ugh. I remember all of this. The sandals are hideous!! Ugh. Sometimes I’ll see someone wearing those clompers around still.

    I used to wear ginormous t-shirts all the time too. with the tazmanian devil and stuff on them. urggh.

  43. @Veronica, OMG! We pierced our fingernails with staples at my school too! LOL!! I was in elementary school at the time but I remember my mom was SO bothered that I would do such a thing!

    I also remember pretending the twist tops to our Mondo drinks and Kool-aid squeezes were retainers, which was all fun until I got a -real- retainer 2yrs later lol!

  44. Dude, I totally had a Keroppi pencil set. It’s not that I liked him or anything. I did it to be cool. :P

    Also, I totally wore those sandals. But even bigger than those were jelly shoes when I was in Jr. High. Actually, I think they’re making a comeback, which is weird.

  45. ps reading all these comments makes me want to PUKE! I did all of it back in the day! YUCK! WHAT THE HECK WERE WE THINKING!??!?!?!??!?!?!

  46. OMG, Those sandals remind me so much of Dawson’s Creek and while I watched that show I remembered how horrible I thought they were.

    I’m born and raised in the Netherlands and I can tell you, we never had the “trends” you guys have. Now I think about it. We actually didn’t have any trends, except for ruin the teachers life (not me!) and don’t attend to class when the teacher showed up too late (again, not me ;))
    Gosh. Now I see the trends you guys have I believe your time at High school was a lot more fun ;)

  47. I remember all of these!!
    I am not sure if you guys had this same obsession but girls at my middle school LOVED key chains. Like 45 one back pack-no joke.
    And they said dumb stuff like “don’t follow me, I’m lost”
    or “Save the drama for your mama” etc.

  48. You mean glitter went out of style? Haha…

    I was a sucker for most of this stuff. I even had a pair of Doc Martens sandals in WHITE with a flower cut out of the top. The goal was to have a flower shaped tan line by the end of the summer. Classay.

    80s fashions have come around, so I probably should have kept those. Damn.

  49. I definitely had those shoes! I didn’t have a name-brand…I probably got mine from Kohl’s. I loved them though! I also remember destroying my black JanSport backpack with white-out! I love this post…a trip down memory lane!

  50. OMG!!! This is hilarious!!! I remember when beepers were the cool thing the little cute ones with clear plastic cases and the nokia pre paid phones with all the interchangeable cases… I defanitly had a pair of the big clunky sandals and yes, everything was decorated in whiteout!!

  51. OMG, I totally had those hideous sandals. Whyyyy oh whyyy did we think those were cool!? Sooo fugly!

    “clomping around like we were following Moses through the desert.” <—- hahaha I loved this part!

    I still can't resist Hello Kitty stuff! Holla Target dollar spot! Gotta have Hello Kitty pens & bandaids! ha. I think Maddie needs to be introduced to Hello Kitty!

  52. The Jesus sandals are still all the rave in Mississippi! Now, I’m a bit older than you are, Morgan, but your Mom and I totally rocked out the early 80s. Best advice I ever got I got from your Mom “Babs, why are you so concerned with what your hair looks like in the back? People are going to only see one side at a time, and the front is most important.” Her words of advice set me free.

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