Giveitaway Now

My amazingly witty and fabulous friend from across the country, Crystal, is hosting a giveaway for a $15 credit to my shop.

Go check it out and make sure to take a little look around the rest of her adorable blog while you’re there… But only do it if you enjoy being smacked in the face with some serious AWESOME, because this girl is hilar.

(And Crystal, thank you for giving me some material for this cop-out post. xo)

8 thoughts on “Giveitaway Now

  1. Morgan, you are too funny for only writing ‘hilar’ …I like this lingo! Oh ya- finally saw your email in my facebook…yes, sweet one who birthed me, is totally a Clifford reference!!!

    P.S. Gave you another award, because you are the bomb diggity

  2. Okay this is AMAZING, you are, AMAZING, I actually just won it. Did I mention your massive level of AMAZINGNESS?

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