19 thoughts on “My daughter has never been peed on by a lion

  1. Um you obviously need a cat. How could you deprive your sweet little girl of having a cuddly little kitty to play with?

  2. Alyssa, the cat swiped her face and left a big scratch. That was the end of my softening feelings. lol

  3. @Alyssa We will not be getting a cat, cats serve no purpose. No no, we will be getting a dog, a dog capable of hunting lions or at least wolverines.

  4. aww so cute. i have a cat and she’s cuddly and follows me around the house. they’re not all scratchy. but LOTS of cat hair.
    and that pic of the dog? SO FREAKING CUTE.

  5. lol, thats one of my nicknames for Noah. I’ve had to stop saying No and start saying Stop so he wouldn’t be confused

  6. haha!! coop terrorizes my parents animals, too.
    i died laughing at your lion pee post. that is traumatizing. for reals.

  7. Oh, morgan…I would love to bring you to my farm for a day..do you think you would survive?

    you wouldn’t get peed on by a lion…but i’m not promising you won’t get peed on by a bunny,cow,pig,goat,or horse.

    yes..it has happend :)..hahahaha!

  8. She is so adorable. Her picture with the cat makes me think that the cat is learning not to be scared of her. :) It’s nice to know that at a young age, she appreciates other creature. :) And you know what, I am actually scared of cats. But it doesn’t mean I hate-hate them. So don’t worry. I’m not mad at you. I somehow understand.

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