If you already get that reference, let me know and I’ll bake you cupcakes and buy you expensive gifts because we are now best friends. Or I’ll just get you stuff  that at least LOOKS expensive. I’m not made out of money, greedy pants, geeze.

If you don’t recognize the title of this post (which is 98% of you, I guarantee), you need to go watch the movie Dance with Me and then come back and read this. This will all make more sense and I’ll seem slightly less ridiculous that way.

People, this is a story of hearts in motion. In the dance of life, love can happen in a heartbeat.  THIS IS DEEP STUFF, YO.

No, but really… it’s super-cheesy, but the dance scenes are amaziiiiing! I used to watch it on VHS all the time when I was younger, wishing I would grow up and one day be able to wear sparkly dresses and dance with Latin men. Serious. I’d even try to copy the dances. SERIOUS. This poor little white girl couldn’t move her hips to save her life, but it sure didn’t stop her from trying.

Do you ever do that? Like, after you watch a dance movie you think, Pfft. I can do that… Then you stand up and start trying to pull off all these advanced professional dance moves and you basically just look like you need to be committed? Then you think, Alright, Channing Tatum, you win at pop and lock… FOR NOW! Then you go look on YouTube for instructional videos? No? Just me? Okay.

Well, if you take my advice and watch Dance with Me, you’ll see what I mean. Especially the 2nd half of the movie, which is basically an hour of stuff like this:

Sequins, hip gyrations and Latin men with greasy ponytails. A movie can’t get much better.

(unless, maybe you add in some sort of a vampire.)

10 thoughts on ““RAFAEL INFANTEEEE!”

  1. I always dreamed of being in the movie Newsies. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the dance moves down, and I’m a girl :)

  2. I freaken love this movie! I used to watch this and dirty dancing all the time. Oh and when you got served came out, I tried those dances too! lol :)

  3. I love that movie! It’s been a guilty pleasure–I didn’t think anyone else had seen it!

  4. It’s always like that with dancing, gymnastics, figure skating, etc….when I was a kid I was totally all “I can do that, check it..!” and then of course sucked terribly. Ah the ignorance of youth….

    And who knew that someone as big (and white) as Channing T. would be able to throw down so well. Pop and lock indeed!

  5. I haven’t seen it, but it IS in my Netflix queue, so I eventually will. Have you seen Strictly Ballroom? It’s super good, slightly satire, set in Australia and made by Baz Luhrman of Romeo + Juliet and Mulin Rouge. In other words, awesome.

  6. ok, it needs to be said that I.AM.OBSESSED with alll dance movies. flashdance, footloose, dirty dancing…and yes dance with me as well!

    and for the note that mentioned newsies – i love you. no really. a fave. and now i have that song stuck in my head. :)

  7. Um, are you kidding?! My sister and I are still convinced we can be Baby from Dirty Dancing.

    I mean, we can’t. But still. We try. To. This. Day.

  8. As a classically trained dancer, I love any and all dancer movies. As one of the previous poster’s mentioned, if you haven’t seen it you should check out “Strictly Ballroom”…it’s fabulous.

    The only thing is…when I watch other people dancing (even in a movie) I am usually pointing my feet and tightening my leg muscles, so by the end of it I feel like I’ve just been dancing. It’s weird, and I can’t make myself relax!

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