Morgan’s Mom Says – Pregnancy Edition

Four of my close friends are pregnant. Tell me how I’m supposed to NOT have baby fever.  I knowww… I have a baby already, but it’s getting to the point where we need to start thinking about the next one whether it’s happening soon or not, right?

* shows you a knife * TELL ME I’M RIGHT.

Anyway, I was talking to one of my lovely, glowing pregnant friends earlier today and she wanted a little help finding some maternity clothes. I started browsing through some online shops and before I knew it, the fever had struck with full force.

Those bellies! OMG, those bellies. They’re so dang cute. I kind of sort of want to be pregnant again… it really wasn’t THAT bad, was it?…. yyyyeah, it kind of was, but OMG PREGNANT BELLIES!

I personally blame Nicole Richie, by the way. Who looks this cute while pregnant? WHO!?

So I emailed Mom:

Snap me out of baby fever RIGHT THIS SECOND. I’m talking to Becca right now and she’s 20 weeks. We’re online shopping for maternity clothes and I want to wear some. This is getting bad.

Mom says:

Me too!  Just kidding.

You hated your butt while you were pregnant.  You can’t wear heels.  You have a 2 bedroom apartment.  NO!  Just enjoy the babies all your friends are having.   Your time for a 2nd baby will come at the right time.

Alright, Mom. YOU WIN.

(Since this happens every 2 months on average, there’s no doubt I’ll be emailing Mom again soon. Or I’ll just buy that one cute maternity top I bookmarked 10 minutes ago.)


22 thoughts on “Morgan’s Mom Says – Pregnancy Edition

  1. You can be pregnant for me if you would like. I have about 7 weeks left and you are more than welcome to take them and my extra 35 lbs and waddle around :D

  2. First babies do this tricky thing where they are all good and agreeable 90% of the time. They make you think you can have LOTS of babies. But then the 2nd one comes and it’s not as easy… and then the 3rd one comes and you just kind of want to lock yourself in your bedroom and rock back and forth while singing Lady Gaga.

  3. Aww. I wanna a baby bump too! Well, somedays I do. I had a moment at the Dr.’s today where I thought I was preggers. Long story kinda short-Had to get preg. test so I could safely get an X-ray. Peed in cup, few mins. later heard a nurse say to the other “you gotta tell her”, heart raced & a million thoughts in my head but turns out that had nothing to do with me.

    Enjoy the little one you have.

  4. Morgan! I totally feel you on this! BUT…I have an idea….Let’s just PURCHASE a, let’s say, 6 month size belly and wear maternity clothes and pretend we are preggo once in a while! My mom and I just went in to a maternity store and fell in love with the fake bellies…and, yes, we took pics….a posting to come on that for sure!!!

  5. lolllllllll @ kourtni!!! oh shoot.

    Morgan, I am of no help. Have babies, lots of them. If they come out looking anything like the one you have, I approve!! ; )

  6. Haha. I know, right?! It’s like it’s cool to be pregnant because the preggy belles are so cute. :) You go girl. You don’t have to show me a knife so I can tell you you’re right.

  7. Wow 4 friends. I don’t want children but I think with all those pregnancy hormones floating around I’d get the fever too!

  8. totally hillarious post, morgan. and baby envy hits me every now and then (scarlett is 16 months) especially when hollywood makes it so g-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s.
    but then today.. i watched my baby and her 2 cousins (17months and 4 years).. and let’s just say, CURED!
    any delusion is clearly gone.
    here I am, sooo exhausted, but sipping a glass of red wine at almost 1am, watching Real Houswives of NYC and facebooking (and checking your blog!).. all guilty pleasures because I “deserve” at least 2 minutes of luxurious ME time when I had less than zer0 all day watching mine plus. and honestly, all i really need to be doing is sleeping (and elevating my swollen feet from not sitting once all day!) Oh, lord.. so glad today is over and that was enough birth control to last a Loooong time.
    romancing the preggers still?… I’ll let you have scarlett join you and maddie for a day.. let’s just say, I am liking scarlett as an only child tonight!

  9. I hear ya. Everytime I see a baby bump, or those tiny little baby clothes I get that feeling of wanting to be a mommy more than anything. We are also in an apartment right now and what your mom said, sounds a lot like my mom!

  10. girl, careful what you wish for. My 3 BFFs were prego, and I was telling my DH that maybe we should think about it (I have a 16 month old) and BAM, it happens while transitioning from 1 birth control to the other. Now, 2 of my BFFs have delivered, and are already looking better than I am at 10 weeks. And I’m not EVEN prepared for cankles again. And what I would do for a bottle (no, not a glass, a whole bottle) of wine!

  11. It is nice for a child to have a sibling to experience vacations, outings, etc. with. I remember being lonely, sitting in the back seat, on vacations (just my mom, dad, and me.) In those days, my friends’ moms didn’t let their children travel long distances for long periods of time.

  12. holy moly, just when I think you can’t get any funnier. you and your mom are a total crack up. funniest email exchange ever. seriously dying laughing!

    and I say, go get knocked up if you so desire! I always waited for baby fever to hit before doing it again, and it looks like baby fever has hit you!

  13. Everything goes back together, after you give birth, when you are younger. Don’t wait to have another or it may be too late and then parts are not where they are supposed to go.

  14. This is why I love you – I’ve never heard your voice and yet I feel like I hear you telling these stories out loud. Like I can read your inflection through the type.

    Is it bad that I am not ready for a baby yet, but I secretly want to buy all the maternity tops at Target – mostly because they are totes cute and would cover my muffin top in a heartbeat!?

  15. I get the fever too! Especially when I am holding a lil fresh one! That baby smell! Argghhhh! We’ll see, we’ll see. I didn’t wear a lot of maternity clothes, although I loved wearing my hubby’s sweaters!! lol

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