An Urgent Hair Color Update

I should be shanked for even allowing this thought to take hold in my brain, but I kind of want the hair color Snooki has in this photo:

Is it so wrong? DON’T HURT ME!


(To be clear for those who have never seen Jersey Shore, Snooki is the little trollish brunette on the right, who is quite notorious for being the loud, ridiculous girl no one wants to look like. Do you see my dilemma now?)

27 thoughts on “An Urgent Hair Color Update

  1. I like it and actually have voiced that I want the same color several times! Buuuut,
    1. I’m too cheap to pay to get it done
    2. I’m scared it may be too close to the actual color of my skin
    3. I’m mostly just too cheap…does that color come in a box with a guarantee to come out looking just like that? NO?! dangit.

  2. snooki is a troll. she gives my state a bad wrap. hate.

    however, my hair is pretty close to that now and it’s super cute. you’d look amazing. my best friend is a hair dresser. come to jersey for a sleepover and she can do it for you. :)

  3. I think it would work for you! I’ve been wanting to do something with my hair too, but haven’t come up with anything.

    no hating here. her voice maybe be super annoying but she looks pretty rockin there.

    especially next to Paris.

  4. aww poor snooks, how come no ones commented on paris’ lazy eye? Are we used to it? the hair color is pretty.

  5. LOL…I thought you were gonna say that you wanted Paris Hilton’s hair color. Hahaha, my bad. The snooki hair color is nice.

  6. hahahahahahaha. Oh Morgan. I can’t believe there is now a picture of Paris Hilton and Snookie on your blog. And I always thought you were CLASSY. ;)

  7. Oh my stars.. Paris does have a lazy eye!

    This is the best picture of Snooks I’ve ever seen.

    I like the hair color alot!

  8. I think you would look super magical with this shade! Let’s just keep it hush hush who you are wanting to look like! hehe! You are so pretty no matter what you do!

  9. Fear not! We ain’t here to judge. Snooki is a complete piece of work but it looks like she retired her “poof” for the night and her hair looks pretty darn good. The colour is gorgeous…go for it! Warm highlights on a rich chestnut base is great….

  10. I think the hair color is great. Just don’t tell anyone you got the idea from Snookie.

  11. I’m with you on this 100%. I think it’s because she actually had someone do her hair. Funny she lost her Jersey bump and probably her soul ;) hehe

    I wonder if this will be the next Simple Life show – Paris and Snookie.

    I like the color – I’ve been wanting to go more red with my hair, it’s SO blah. I say do it girl.

  12. i think that would be really pretty on you!

    and i barely recognized Snooki w/out her pouf.

    and Paris looks like an ostrich.

    that is all.

  13. Completely unbias opinion, GO FOR IT. I have never seen anything about the show, but I love the hair color. I have been facing the hair dilemma for so long it is sad, maybe you go for it I’ll finally get the motivation to pick something and go with it myself!

  14. I say go for it. The stylist will have to bleach your highlights first if you currently have any color on your hair. Then they can tone down the bleach with a warm color.

    Just a few tips:
    Warm colors have red in them, so choose wisely. Also, if you part your hair on the same side all the time, why not take a small section on your part (a small rectangle from your forehead back to your crown)and don’t highlight it. I do this a lot. It prevents “roots” from being as obvious and its kinda like peek-a-boo highlights. Just my two cents.

    Can’t wait to see pictures!

  15. Ah yes, I see the dilemma….but, and that’s a big BUT, someone obviously got a hold of her and knocked some sense into that hair….because it is missing it’s signature bumpit. I can see how you might be embarrassed to take a picture of Snooki to your hair stylist, and if I were you, I would literally cut out her face, maybe even making the effort to decoupage your own face over hers. Then, you would also have the added bonus of seeing what you look like with that hair color (duckface optional). I must say, it IS a pretty color. You would look HAWT!

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