And the potty training hell begins…

Remember that time a few days ago when I mentioned how we were going to try to start potty training? Well, it’s happening.

Last night I was filling up the bathtub. Normally, that’s the time where I sit Maddie on her little potty and tell her to go pee-pee because after a few of these types of situations, you learn to take the necessary precautions, yo. Well, we’ve been doing this for about a week and she’s never actually tinkled in it… she basically just sits and says, “peepeepeeELMO!!peepeepee” over and over. She’s really into Elmo right now, I don’t know.

Anyway, so I’m filling up the tub and I turn around to see a chubby white naked butt running down the hall. (Nooo, it wasn’t Justin, but you’re quite welcome for providing you that ridiculously scarring mental picture.) Maddie had her mini potty in hand and was making a break for the living room. I called her to come back in to take her bath and she pretty much skipped back around the corner with a huge LOOK WHAT I DID! smile on her face. I thought it was odd, since she was still mumbling about Elmo, so I was like, “Yeahyeahyeah, ENOUGH ABOUT ELMO. Let’s take a bath already.”

Fast forward 15 minutes. I go to pick up the potty she dragged into the living room and lo & behold, there was pee pee in it. Pee pee that I just happened to sling all over the living room floor. Ah, motherhood.

She apparently ran into the living room with her toilet, peed, and ran back into the bathroom in about 15 seconds flat. I was all, “MADDIE!? WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME!? GOOD GIRL!” And she responds with, “ELMO!!!“, like, duh, Mom. What did you think I was saying??

30 thoughts on “And the potty training hell begins…

  1. Yay for Maddie!

    Potty training is the bane of my existence. Seriously. Trying to teach developmentally delayed 5 year olds to use the toilet? Suckfest.

  2. yay maddie!

    i’ve heard horror stories about potty training from my friends with kids. i’m convinced now that i’m just gonna let my future kids stay in diapers until they’re old enough to get embarrassed and train themselves.

    just kidding.

    kind of.

    also, the pic of elmo is hilariously scary. good job.

  3. When we finished potty training we just ripped out the carpet altogether.
    ENCOURAGING. I KNOW. That’s what I’m here for.

    If it’s any consolation, after being potty trained for ages my little treasure pooped in her panties at Benjamin Moore the other day. So, that was nice. I had to wrap a pair of poopy panties in six thousand layers of paper towel and stuff it in the front pocket of my purse. Like I even carry a diaper bag anymore.

  4. Thats really good that she’s done it already though! Really good – It seems to me you need to track down some elmo stickers and get your crafty head on designing an elmo sticker chart! Has she got a potty in every room? A x

  5. You have the best stories!!! The elmo reward chart sounds like a good idea. So does the potty in every room, lol.

    Maybe her bladder is shy and she can’t go with someone near?

    BTW-I love the pictures, you brighten my day!

  6. I'm glad she went, but sorry you had to clean the mess haha. Most kids have to have a private moment to go potty so it doesn't surprise me that she went in the other room. Hey, but atleast she went :)

  7. We’ve been working on potty training with our little one who will be 2 in August. She had no interest in the little potty so we just let her use the “big potty”… no cleanup and she loves the flushing followed by a happy dance!

    I read somewhere that it works best to make the goal to stay dry and clean rather than the goal being going potty in the toilet. For some reason this connects for little ones better. Sure enough, as soon as I started working on this with Izzy she went the whole weekend only in the toilet. She is now almost 100% daytime potty trained and it’s only been a week since we started the staying “dry and clean” bit! :) Good luck! Just think, girls are easier than boys… YIKES!

  8. You left out the part where she soon after ran naked into the kitchen with her giant rubber ball and was slipping around in the pee that didn’t make it in the potty.

  9. FYI: during your mates potty training experience he showed an early disdain for lines (a lack of patience I'm sure you haven't noticed) and one day when he discovered his mom occupying the porcelain Justins' problem solving skills kicked in and his stool kicked out. He handed it to his mom and ran off to play while his mortified mother begged him to come back… :)

  10. HAHAHAHAHA! Wow… how funny. I can’t believe I’m going to have to potty train ANOTHER child. It’s seriously my least favorite thing about parenting. I know Genevieve is only about a month younger than Maddie and she is NO WHERE NEAR being ready to potty train. Kid can’t even take down her own pants yet. Le sigh. I guess I’ll probably wait until she is 2 1/2 or close to 3… unless she seems ready sooner than that. You’ll be done by that time… wanna come do it for me?? Since you’ll be all full of wisdom and insight?? Thanks. ;)

  11. LOL!!! I am crossing my fingers that Teva responds to potty training the way I did. My mom tells me that all she had to tell me was I could wear big girl panties, and I was all like “hells yeah”…..nary an accident after that.

    But chances are slim… I’m pretty scared. Good luck with that Morgan!!!!

  12. haaaaahahaha!! I don’t know how I’m not reading this post until now but I’m seriously dying. I don’t know if it was the photo of Elmo hanging himself or Justin’s comment that put me over the edge but this was hilarious. Good luck Mama! :P

  13. You are a brave soul. I’m never having more kids because I hate potty training. OK, maybe that’s not the ONLY reason. But it’s pretty high on the list. ;)

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