A Few Little Thrifty Finds

A couple weeks ago, my friend Natali and I went to downtown Fresno to visit the old thrift shops. I didn’t go into it thinking I would find anything other than maybe a little bowl or something (I have an ungodly obsession with cute bowls), but I was actually super surprised with some of the things I was able to find…

Natali pointed this cute little dress out and I was all, GIMME! and practically snatched it out of her precious little hands (sorry, Nat). It’s seafoam green with polka dots and has the perfect neckline for wearing to work. I don’t show my boobs at the office, so this is particularly pleasing to my prudish side (ha). I am in love. Oh, and I paid a whole $3 for it.

This little brooch is adorable, but I made it into a ring with a little hot glue. I’m all about yellow right now, so that rose drew me in like a zombie to some brains.  I think I’m going to start searching for pretty old brooches and things to convert into jewelry because HELLO? I’m all about being cheap and easy — wait. I said that wrong. You know what I mean.

I’m one happy girl right now.

29 thoughts on “A Few Little Thrifty Finds

  1. i don't believe in paying full retail value for anything. if Heaven had a price tag, I would make some bad customer service complaint until they let me in to shut me up… or at least half price :)

  2. THAT.DRESS.IS FABULOUS!!!!!!!!! And seriously, could it fit you any better?! I think not!! GREAT finds!

    And oohhh you should definitely buy some stuff and convert it and then sell it to me!! ;-)

  3. Love it! the charity shops round by me are so not as cool as that – great idea on the brooch-ring btw – smoooooth xx

  4. I, too, have always loved yellow roses. Possibly because when I was very young, my best friend’s mom told me that my name meant “yellow rose” in Spanish. I have always remembered that (and her). Also, I love your dress! I, too, am careful about what I wear in the office. Have a beautiful weekend.

  5. Great dress….and cute brooch, err, ring!! Look at you go all crafty and stuff…making things new again! Yay for hotglue!

  6. haha, you said boobs and ‘cheap and easy’ in the same post. Google search is going to bring some sadly dissapointed lads your way. :D

    Nice finds! I’m always pleased as punch to get a good deal. Yesterday I got a brand new lookin exersaucer for my impending second child at a garage sale for ten bucks. What I can’t get over was the couple who got there five minutes before me who got thier little hands on the bumbo chair and bouncy-chair-to-toddler-rocker. Talk about wanting to dive in there and be like MINE! I don’t think they would have taken it as gracefully as your friend apparently did, though. Now I have a mental picture of me and the other pregnant lady brawling over the baby items. haha. I could have been youtube-famous. Ah, regrets.

  7. You’re like MacGyver with a glue gun. For reals. Gotta love thrift store finds! You have to hunt, but you can find some pretty amaze-balls stuff!

  8. I freaking love this dress on you, it seriously looks like it was made for you! And how SMART are you to turn that cuteness into a ring?! LOVE.

  9. You know what, being that I’m a guy, I would have never Wiki’d what a brooch was until this post. And now I know. And yes, that is a pretty rad brooch.

    Is that the right adjective? “Rad”? Like I said, I’m new to this.

  10. Oooh that dress is too adorable! Love it! I never find clothes in thrift stores! Well, I used to find clothes back in the day when I was down with wearing little boy’s random T-shirts and ugly plaid shirts (as opposed to cute plaid shirts. I mean, I do like plaid shirts!) and randomness like that! And I am also loving that brooch turned ring! Super, duper cute!

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