16 thoughts on “New Pretty Hair Things in the Shop

  1. I loved the rings you made with the same rosettes as these new hair pins! The girls at my camp this year will be making both! Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

  2. OMG, those bows!!!!!!!!!!!!! I squealed!
    I need them, all.
    And holy cow, that white dainty bloom looks so buttery! It’s beautiful.
    I adore my posies and stick one in my hair almost every time I put it up, I have 3 or 4 riding around in my car that I need to bring in and rotate so the others get as much wear ;) Every time someone new sees them I get compliments, it makes me happy!
    The photos in your shop look so good Morgan, you should be so proud!!

  3. Those bows are good! Does your little lady keep bows in her hair? Mine rips them out of her hair and puts them in mine.

    Also, I just made the mistake of trying to visit your site by typing in MsPriss instead of MrsPriss. I did *not* want to go to Club Sexy.

  4. hiii…im from msia..nice to view all your craft works here..really adore with those ribbon..dont u have the tutorial how to make this ribbon using felt paper?thank you so much….:))

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