What happens when you post rap lyrics on Twitter

Confession: For having skin this white, I am surprisingly gangster.

Well, with my taste in music, anyway.

For Example:

  1. Country music is not a favorite. I’ve tried… I just can’t do it.
  2. Love ballads of any sort bring out rage in my soul (I’m heartless, apparently)
  3. I can recite the entire uncensored version of Tupac’s ‘Still Ballin’
  4. I love Lil’ Wayne
  5. I love 50 Cent
  6. I love Snoop
  7. You get my point.

This is somewhat concerning, being that I usually have obscene lyrics from random rap songs floating around in my head at any given moment. It’s bad! The overflow of all these lyrics usually get out of my system via Twitter updates, like yesterday…

My parents are shaking their heads in shame right now. I’M SORRY. THIS ISN’T SOMETHING I CAN CONTROL! I WAS BORN THIS WAY! (They’re not buying it.)

Anyway, after I posted that on my Twitter account, I received a text message from a concerned friend.

Shea: Why so sad??

Me: I’m not sad at all… What do you mean?? lol

Shea: Your status said you were bawling.

Me: Hahahahahaha, I’m not crying! I’m ballin’! As in, gangsta ballin’.

Shea: Why are you bawling?? What’s wrong?

Shea: Ok, just got your other text. I’m peeing my pants. I totally thought Justin made you cry.

Me: Can I please put this on my blog?

Shea: Ghetto Morgan. Yes, you can. :)

And then there was my favorite response, which came from Stephanie’s husband, Cale:

I have issues.

24 thoughts on “What happens when you post rap lyrics on Twitter

  1. This still is making me die laughing…so great. Gotta love my gangster and yes Im the whitegirl that looves country I can’t help it.

  2. Omg, how cute is Shea?! ahahahahhaah!! FREAKING hilarious. This post is so awesome, I love you and now I think I love Shea.
    Also, I lawl’d when I saw Cale’s tweet, I love that I know such FUNNY people, seriously.

  3. haha. i love it. my comments, mostly quotes are always getting me in trouble. mostly, because i always remember really weird quotes and nobody has any idea i am quoting something at all.

  4. Ha. Love this. Kurt won’t let me put a “Drop it like it’s hot” bumper sticker on the mini van. I told him it was the sticker or spinners…. No dice. ;)

  5. Oh Morgan, you’re the awesomest. I like rap, too. Snoop has the smoothest voice. And FYI, I love Lil’ Wayne. Knockout is the best song ever. I love how weird and awesome his voice is.

    And I can recite all of the lyrics to Skeelo’s “I Wish”. I miss the 90s.

    Oh, and the first 5 minutes of the 15 minute long “Rapper’s Delight”

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